Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-09-19 14:43:28 (UTC)

sept. 19

I feel like typing. Blah, it's just a way for me to not
start my homework. I'm soooo lazy. why am i so lazy?

well today is my little brother's birthday. Aww I love my
little brother a lot. He's my booch who cheers me up.

I don't have school today. yeepy!! I need to do my
laundry. it's been sitting inside the dryer for....2 days
now? LOL ew, i might have to wash them again. blah. oh

I haven't seen my boyfriend in almost a week. I guess this
is how it's going to be. We're both busy with school and
work. we'll probably get to see each other once in awhile.
I guess that okay, considering that I need to get my work
done as well. and if we're always seeing each other it
will never happen. So, i guess its for a good reason.

My bestfriend is changing. She's not the same girl. Or,
let me repharse this. She's finally letting her true self
come out. I've been keeping my distance from her. Her
energy is too strong for me. She can really make me feel
like shit from her jealously. I hate it. I can't stand

Ugh...i think im going to go read. cya