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2007-09-19 06:52:55 (UTC)

You know...

Fuck it.

Fuck it all.

She doesan't care about me, she doesan't love me and she
lied. Fuck I fucking hate this god damn life.

Nothing ever makes a difference in whatever I fucking do and
nobody fucking understands that I just want a fucking
friend. I don't like myself. I hate myself. I make
people stay away from me. I fucking hate myself so much...

I knew she broke up with me for a reason...Thats why. She
wanted to go out with him... But I guess she's happy...

I don't want anything to do with anyone ever again.
Everyone fucking backstabs or lies to me... If she told me
what she really thought this woulden't hurt so much, why
coulden't she just fucking tell me. And I bet she'd spin
this and be pissed off at me for saying it or if not she'd
probably do what everyone else does.. Fucking go off into
their world and never talk to me again.

I feel like throwing up... I love her so much but she
doesan't care. Nobody cares. Nobody ever will.

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