Cosmic Rain
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2007-09-18 21:14:03 (UTC)

call it a day already

i'm tired. i've said it before. i will say it again. i am
tired of this persons life and their indifference to mine.
even this entry i feel is a waste of my time. time i could
spend doing something that actually makes me feel good. or
doesn't remind me that no matter what you do or say, you
can't change the actions of another if they are hell bent
on something. and when i say hell bent i don't mean it
lightly either. i have thrown up the white flag on many
occassions, but for some reason they'd either shoot me the
moment i thought i was safe or the moment i turned away to
return back to what i always do.

it doesn't even take a world of upheavel and reality for
them to think maybe it's time to call it a day.