down in my eyes
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2007-09-18 00:56:25 (UTC)

stand by your van.

because i don't miss my dad while he is alive & well..
doesn't that mean i won't miss him either when he passes?
it reminded me about this controversial subject when
recently, a conversation led down this path, with an elder
man, a customer. He looked at me in the eyes & said to me
that ishould spend more time with my father now, otherwise
i'll regret it when he's gone. & When he said this to me,
he practically stated it as if it's a fact. This isn't a
fact, it's merely His opinion, maybe He had regrets with
his own father- & so- when i responded, i sure let him know
that i STRONGLY disagreed with him.

Later- now, in my room.. When i look at this photo i have
of my family, a form of distress overcomes me. I must have
only been several months old, & my sister looks about 2yrs
of age. We're on the pier of a beach, my dad is holding my
sister.. & my mom is captured gazing down at me, in her
arms. We look so happy. If a picture could capture 1,000
words, one word would definately be.. Misplaced.