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2007-09-14 01:45:44 (UTC)

So I met this guy

On Aug 16, like 3 days after my last entry and wishing I
could find someone to love me, I had a limb fall on my
house..... My sister's gf suggested I call "Out on a Limb"
tree service, so I did.. They came out, "limbed" the tree,
and said they'd come back the next day to take it the rest
of the way down. While they were here, I talked to one of
the guys a little bit, his name is Chris..... He told me
he was going thru a divorce, and he was 35. Immediately I
told myself "Oh well, he's too young for me"... Well,
Friday(the next day) I came home at lunch, and they were
still working on it.... So I wrote my number on a napkin
and gave it to Chris, told them to call me when they were
done so I could get off work and come write them a
check... Around 430, they called, said they weren't going
to finish, and would come back Saturday or Monday to
finish. I told them either was fine, but I wouldn't be
home Saturday (was going to the lake with the family), and
that Monday was fine for me... So I went to the lake
Saturday, my cell rang, it was Chris... He said they'd be
over Monday, and mentioned that he was in Tybee Island...
I jokingly said "You shoulda invited me, I'd have gone!!"
he said if he'd known I woulda, he surely would have asked
me, and would I like to go out some time?..... I said
sure... He said he'd call me back later... He did call
again, but I missed it.. The next day Sunday I called him
a few times, finally got ahold of him.... He said he'd
tried to get Josh and AJ to leave the beach and come to
the lake to see me!!! I was just totally swept away over
him being so interested in me...
We talked on the phone on Monday for a little bit, then
Tuesday he called and asked me if I would mind if he
stopped by... I told him it was fine, went nuts cleaning
the house.. I'd told him I had to pick Kaleb up from
football practice at 8, so he said he'd be over around
8.... He wound up staying til probably 1:30 am, we stood
outside talking and just hanging out, getting to know each
other... He was really nervous, sweating, and seemed
really insecure around me, which was fascinating to me, I
couldn't believe anybody would be like that because of ME!!

Before he left, we kissed a few times, and it was REALLY
hot and heated.... He asked if he could come over
Wednesday night, and I said sure.. I also invited Julian
and Kim over to meet him, ordered pizza.. They seemed to
hit it off ok, it was a little awkward, but not bad.....
Julian and Kim left around 11ish I think, Chris and I
stayed outside and talked for a bit, then came in and
watched a movie..... (DieHard-one of em!). He ended up
spending the night, and it was like totally mindboggling!!
The 3-4 guys I've slept with since Mike passed away,
didn't compare.. I was awestruck!!!!
He ended up leaving here to go to work the next day, and
came back, and spent every night here til Saturday.. He
was house-sitting for his boss the whole week, and
couldn't stay here.... I went and saw him over there a
couple times, but it was a little weird since his boss
lives in this weird little religious "Community". Felt
like all the neighbors were watching.... It was a long
week, I missed him so badly I couldn't stand it... Then
Friday came, I was off work, went and saw him at the job
for a bit... Then uhm left and met this other guy that is
a friend who'd been flirting back and forth with me, and
uhm slept with him.... After that, I came home took a
shower, went and picked Chris up, took him to get his
money, ran around with him Josh, AJ for a bit.... Then he
had to go with Baducci to get a cell phone, I wound up
coming home, he said he'd be here in a bit.... I waited
and waited, he would call and say "I'm on my way", and
then call a bit later "Now I'm really coming", etc....
Finally showed up around 10pm.... Then he decided he
wanted to go for a ride, show me where he grew up, where
his mom lives, etc... We wound up leaving a note in his
Mom's mailbox with his phone number on it for her to call
him..... We got home around 4am, had sex, I was exhausted,
Chris told me he was going to go outside and smoke
and "think" for a bit... He came back in, told me he was
going to go to work, and would call me around 12 so we
could do something... Well, I tried to call him around
9am, he didn't answer... I figured he was in a tree or
something... I tried again a few times, couldn't reach
him, started worrying that something was wrong..... I
called Baducci, he said he wasn't at work yet, so he
hadn't seen or talked to Chris..... Said he'd have Chris
call me when he talked to him... Didn't hear anything.....
I called Baducci around 430pm, he told me he'd talked to
Chris, when Chris called him to tell him he wasn't going
to work.. I loaded up everything Chris had left here, and
took it to Josh and AJ's, told Baducci to tell Chris I was
done, wasn't dealing with the stupid shit... But I still
kept trying to call off and on....
Kim M called and offered to have her son babysit, if I'd
go out to Robbies and see her, so I agreed... As we pulled
in, I tried to call Chris again, and he finally answered..
Said he'd been in Aiken all day with Josh's brother
Daniel, and he'd loaned Daniel his van, but would I mind
if he came by when Daniel got back? I told him no, I
wasn't at home... He said he'd call me in a little bit...
I went to Coyotes and hung out with PeeWee, had a blast..
Texted Chris, told him I might not be going home at all!
Chris called, asked me where and who I was planning on
going home with, I told him I hadn't decided yet, had a
few different options!!... I finally went home around 2am,
texted Chris that I was home and going to sleep.... About
330 am, Chris called... Begged me to come to Aiken to get
him, because Daniel hadn't brought his van back... I told
him I would, he gave me general directions, told me to
call him when I got close.... I got Kaleb up, we rode to
Aiken..... Got close, called, no answer..... I called
about 20 times, no answer.... Came back home went to
bed...... He called again around 630, said he'd fallen
asleep, would i PLEASE come back?.... So I did... This
time I got him, brought him home..... He apologised, said
it would never happen again, etc.... He slept all day
Sunday, would not answer his phone or let me answer 706
calls on mine... Around 9, I went and picked AJ and Josh
up and took them to Monmorenci to get Chris's van.. Asked
them not to tell Chris I'd taken them....
They came to the house a little later, tried to talk Chris
into working Monday (he said he wasn't going to cuz it was
Labor Day).. He said he might, they agreed to come back
around 7am to get him... They showed up, he wouldn't go...
We all decided to go to the lake with the jetskis, and
did.. It wasn't a BAD day, Chris and I got off for a bit
by ourselves, talked lots, and I realized I was falling
madly in love with him... Also started getting what's
turned out to be a nasty cold!!
LATE Monday night, his mom finally called him.... They
talked til after midnight.. When he finally came to bed,
he told me he wanted to go see her Tuesday, would I let
him borrow my truck? We agreed he'd take me to work, go
see his mom, pick me up at lunch, and I'd take him to
work... Well, he picked me up at lunch, and decided he
wasn't going to work, so he dropped me back off... He
called his boss Tuesday night about getting the van back,
the boss told him he couldn't have it back until he
switched the tags over, and he should take Wednesday off
to do that... Well, I told him I HAD to have my truck
Wednesday, he could have Mike or someone take him to do
all that..... I went to work Wed morning, Chris ended up
staying at the house all day, did a little housework.. I
got off, we took Kaleb to football practice... After
practice, I really didn't feel good, so I came in and laid
down.. Chris asked me if I'd mind if he took my truck and
went to his mom's to get some stuff... Said he'd be back
in 2 hrs... I said sure... Julian called me around 10 to
see how I was feeling, and I realized Chris wasn't back...
I sat up all night long calling his cell, he never
answered....... Around 545 am, finally called Julian, was
terrified he'd wrecked or something..... We decided I
needed to call the police.
Chris called around 730, said "I know you're probably
mad".. I told him I'd called the police, and he said I
shouldn't have done that... Julian got on the phone told
him he had a half hour to get my truck here.. Chris called
back around 8, said the truck was out of gas, his mom was
bringing him some, and then he'd be here, would I call and
cancel the police report? I told him no, not until I got
my truck back... He said ok, he'd be here soon as he
could... Around 10 we called his mom, she said she'd taken
him gas around 830, and he said he was coming straight
here..... Well obviously by then, he's running.... Took
NAPD til Saturday to issue the warrant for "breach of
trust", me, my dad, Julian, Roy, a few of Roy's friends
and Brenda spent hours and hours on the road looking....
Finally Sunday night my dad talked to Chris's mom, she
told him Chris had been there Sun morning, and said he was
going to see his kids..... Dad sent Aiken Co to his wife's
house... Chris was there, got arrested, and lead us to my
truck.... It was *thankfully* still in perfect shape, just
out of gas.... Keys weren't in it, still haven't recovered
them, going to have to have it re-keyed... Chris had a
bond hearing yesterday, they were going to let him out on
a signature bond (his mom was going to sign him out), but
he couldn't get out because of a disorderly conduct charge
he has to serve 30 days for....
He fucked me over so bad, I've learned he stole pills from
here, stole some change... and I still can't get him off
my mind..... I fell so hard for him, and I don't know if
he was using me all along, or if he just fucked up.. If it
had ONLY been the truck, I could believe that he panicked
and ran.... But he was stealing from me BEFORE then.....
So I don't know.... I just know I'm heartbroken because I
thought he really loved me, and I really DID fall in love
with him......I sure do have a fucked up life.