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2007-09-14 00:38:36 (UTC)

I don't know how I feel

I cried.

I was pissed.

I was depressed.


It's bullshit

yes I am pmsing

but that's bullshit

my brother's birthday is this weekend

so is a xc meet

if I don't go to this xc meet I can't go to seaside next


even people that want to go to dustin morris' funeral this
saturday won't go to seaside.

the kid fucking died

from our school

it's bullshit

and i'm pissed

and i had to leave the room in yoga cuz i was crying

and yoga wasn't it's usual greatness for me


I think i'm going to quit xc

i don't know why i am there

and do i really want to be somewhere that doesn't let
people go to their friends funeral? Their brother's

I think SAT kids get excused

screw it

I think tomorrow will be my last day.

We'll see

I need to talk to someone about this


or something

cuz no one here cares whether I'm in xc or not

no one in XC cares if I'm there or not

I don't matter

so why should I even go and waste my time

rather be getting $15 an hour tutoring Rhyan


i hope they get their asses handed to them at the meet.