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2007-09-13 00:22:48 (UTC)

the front vs. the back

i took the chair from the back deck
dragged it through the house
and set it up with matching ottoman on the front porch
just an hour ago
i can't believe i've gone all summer without experiencing this side of the
for one, there's a cricket that's living in my impatients
with the loudest voice i've ever heard
or maybe it just sounds so because he's the one closest to me
isn't it true that those close to us are always the loudest?
or is it that we are interested in hearing them the most
there is a boy that lives across the street
he might be 9
sounds right
he's popular and ive wondered why
until i saw him jump in the air
boy can he jump
he jumps when each of his friends round the corner at the end of the block
and he kicks his feet
doesn't everyone need a friend that kicks their feet when they round the
i know i do
i tried to get pete to come and sit out here with me
i explained to him that he could bring his orange ball
but he was not permitted to leave the porch
and so he said no
he's never like boundaries
he can hear the big dogs barking outside
and i think it makes him feel a little small
maybe it's a guy thing
i like his bark the best because it sounds like he's been smoking a cigar for
it's raspy and whispery and always comes in three bark intervals
i imagine if he could one day talk
the first thing he would say was "ha cha cha cha"
or I guess it would be "ha cha cha" if it's to follow his staunch rule of threes
my white flowers are starting to go
after a week of stomach virus, i realize that they needed me after all
dan doesnt think of flowers in a time of stomach virus
and though you wont believe me
i have to admit
that once while grasping the toilet bowl this week
i did think of them
and i wondered how they were doing all the way downstairs
in another world that was germ-free and freshly vacuumed
Did you see that?
Two of my neighbors put their front lights on at the exact same moment
I wonder
If I live here long enough...
will I do the same?
I guess we're not all the different after all, the lost of us
we all get stomach viruses
forget to water the plants
and turn the front lights on at 8:21 Eastern time.