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2007-09-09 05:27:04 (UTC)

More What Ifs

what if i had broken down in his office like i was so
close to?

what if i hadn't held back the tears?

what if i had told him everything?

how would things be different?

i wouldn't have gone to class after that that's for sure

something would've happened.

no matter how hard i try to think that it could've been
worse my mind draws a blank

what could've made it worse?

why do i still cry think about it?

why can't i even think about without feeling everything
over again?

i didn't even write a poem for this

didn't store this feeling away

i'm trying to forget

trying to move on

no one knows my side of the story save one

and we don't talk about it

it's tears

and pain

and weakness

dying form the inside

a wound that time hasn't healed

3 months

that's how long it's been

and i still feel like i'm in the middle of it all

it doesn't feel any better

and i don't know how to make it better

every thought relates back to it

every "it could've been worse" moment returns to it

every subject seems to return to it

it's inescapable


and no one can help me

no one is on my side

no one's said it's going to be ok

it must be nice

to have someone come up and hug you from behind

kiss you

and say

everything's going to be ok

and mean it