Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-09-07 03:39:02 (UTC)


Damn, I kept forgetting about this site.

Well, a lot has happened. Im currently in a relationship
with a great,respectful, sweet guy (yes, some of them do
exist). We're moving onto 6month; my longest. haha.

I also made it into university. I'm proud of myself.
Today was the first day back to school. I felt alittle
nervous, but everything disappeared when i met up with
jen. I think just keeping my mind off of class and just
laughing and talking, helped me feel anxiety-free. lol.
Feeling anxiety-free changes my appearance;so i've
noticed. I met someone in my last class. Im happy. It's
time for new friends. im sick of my best friend pulling me
down. im sick of jealous bitches who can't stand to see
you succeed.

I've been doing ok lately. Im trying to keep a positive
mind about everything going on in my life. I try not to
let little things become a huge thing. I noticed that i do
that a lot and its not necessary.

Anyways, im getting sleepy. bye bye