.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-10-09 20:39:12 (UTC)

until you bite their heads off

im eating fishies right nw, i like that jingle and also i
like that commercial for chewy bars and its all like "my
sister dresses like a flusey; my dad lost his pay check at
the race track; My little brother was a mistake" thats teh
coolest comercial. yeah.

school was ok, marcus, joe, me, and that kid from australia
met today afterschool to quickly discuss the bands and all
for the 26th, though there wasnt much to discuss, im happy
i hooked up junior, especilly after sfop dicked them.

anyway, fixation boy sits with my brother at lunch, weird.

eww just got a soft fishy, yuck.

as my attraction for jarred grows so does my anxiety about
the whole deal, what the hell, i know i sorta want will to
tell him cause i have a feeling he feels the same way, he
told me he liked my house today, and i still wish i could
figure out the hug he gave last night after he left my
place. i wasnt ready for it and i made it real awkward, i
regret that. damn.

bill's over right now, if thats not awkward i dont know
what is, i wish he'd just stay untill my mom comes home, it
would mean a lot to her.

i hear my mom pull in. good.

i better scratch.

(hey by the way, i emailed clint last night real late with
a happy birthday, he hasnt opened it yet, thats ok)