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2007-09-04 18:51:29 (UTC)


a scar for every single mistake
for everytime i did you wrong
a reminder that it's over again
that i'm too weak to ever hold on

one's for loving you entirely too much
the other's for pushing you away
this one's for your constant suffication
and also because you wouldn't stay

a drop of blood for saying hello
and pool for saying goodbye
a rusty blade shows that i cared
while crumbled scabs showed that i lied

before you know it, my body is my poem
and eisel of life in my eyes
you see what you want, and understand what you can
as the painting never quite dries

one after another, i'll tell you a tale
i'm lonely and scared and hurt
and once one heals another begins
a steady pattern that always has worked

one for you and one for me
and one for the rush that i feel
one for the thoughts i create in my head
and the rest, for all that are real

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