Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
2007-09-04 00:16:56 (UTC)

Labor Day

Well you aren't supposed to work, but I am proud of my
work in XC today.

We ran 1200s. I managed to do 4 of them. I was about to
start my 5th.

My first was 6:30
My second was 6:35
My third was 6:30
My fourth was 6:35

which means my mile time is about 8:40 give or take a bit.
But that's good. Usually the first one is the fastest and
then they get slower and slower. But mine were consistent.
And it's kind of cool how they jumped back and forth
between the two. I'm proud.

Then we did calf massages. 3

Now I must eat, shower, and do AP gov hw.

I'll love tomorrow at school. But I'm dreading wednesday.

Someone stop time for me.

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