An inconcluded life
2007-09-02 21:22:24 (UTC)

III July 2004

I wake up and it is 1.50pm in New York. My next plane
should leave at 4.15 so I have enough time to hang around.
I buy some chicken teriyaki and munch it. When I reach my
gate I find out that the plane is indefinitely delayed. So
I just sit there and daydream about my holiday and all my
memories with him.

The year was 1989. Remember the 80's? Those big hairdo's,
make up, big earrings... It was a cold december evening
in a little town called Braskereidfoss. I decided to wear
a mini skirt and a shiny white and silvery/gold shirt. A
wool coat and very high heeled shoes. I'd been browsing my
friend's yearbook and I saw this guy. His hair was dark
and fluffy. He looked very cute. I was sure I had to see
him as we were going to a school activity, but just to lie
on the safe side, I asked her if he'd be there. "Of
course! he's in the play!!" she said. No matter how much
attention I paid on the play, I was unable to see him. The
play ended and they all came out to the stage. There he
was. He was doing the lights. He was much cuter in person.