An inconcluded life
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2007-09-02 21:21:13 (UTC)

II July 2004

At this point of my life, I am kind of used to arrive in a
house where I don't know the owners and expect them to be
o.k. with me spending a night or two there. We arrived in
Ingrunn's house a little past 10 in the evening and she
received us with strawbrerries and cream, coffee, soda and
cake. That was pretty nice of her. She's about 55 years
old and her husband seems to be around 60. He does not
speak English, or so he says, yet he seemed to understand
every word I said in English. Anyhow, we communicated
pretty well in Norwegian. Minutes went by pretty quick
and finally it was time for bed.

After a rather cold night, I was awaken by my friend at
around 6.40 a.m. I am definitely bound to no sleep during
this holiday. But then again, why spend my time uselessly
by sleeping? You get the eternal rest once you die,
therefore, no sleeping during holidays if you're out of
your country.

Being broke in Norway is not fun. Having a credit card
and no pin number isn't fun either. We were stuck in Bryne
because we lacked cash flow. But Angie is rather clever
getting things her way. I never thought she'd be able to
pull this one off, but she did. We went to this chinese
restaurant where I treated her and the kids to lunch.
After we were done, she asked the owner to run the bill
for a few hundred kroners over the actual bill so we could
get the money in cash. And the lady did!! Amazing.

Before I could digest that, we were on the train heading
for Stavanger. It is important to state that I am
currently working towards the goal of being employed by
the International School of Stavanger. I know it is very
competitive, but that is my goal. I achieve my academic
and professional goals most (if not all) of the times. We
did not get a chance to visit the school though, it was
kind of far from the city center. Cute little city. No
high buildings, a romantic harbor, many little restaurants
and a fisherman's antique village. We spent the rest of
the afternoon there and then took the train back home.

Again, uncertainty filling my stomach. Will I see him
again before my plane takes off to America? Will I be
able to feel him hold me in his arms for the last time?
Will our lips bond another goodbye kiss?

I wake up at 4.30 a.m. and by 6 we are at the airport to
Oslo. We say our goodbyes with no big fuss just to avoid
stupid tears. We hug each other hoping to reunite some
time soon in this future. I hop on my plane and get
immersed in a flying magazine.

As soon as I set foot on the Oslo airport I send him a msg
on his cellphone. "Will you be able to make it"? I ask.
He rings. I melt. "I will try my best honey, do you know I
am actually trying my best whenever I tell you so"? "yes,
I know you are trying your best, and I thank you so much
for that!"

After spending 45 minutes on the phone, I go to the
nearest Narvesen kiosk and use up my last norwegian coins,
making sure I spare 100 for my next trip. (Do I really
think there will be a next trip?) So I spend 50 dollars in
chocolate and goodies. I buy my last hotdog meny tilbud
and swallow it down with a cola champagne soda. I sit
restless on the waiting lounge, not being able to stop
looking at my watch every five minutes.

My plane leaves at 11, I must be in by 10.30 latest,
according the guy on the counter. 5 minutes after 10 I see
his truck. He's here! My phone rings, I melt and pick up
all my stuff and run outside to meet him. Frank looks
tired and fed up, yet he is there. He drove 100 kms. at
60kms per hour with a damaged tire just to make it to the
aiport on time to say goodbye to me. "The last time we
said goodbye (2 days ago) you did not seem well, I had to
make it today, I had to reassure you that everything is
going to be alright" he whispered in my ear as he held me
tight in his arms, his body fusing with mine.

I know, I have a short time left, I must be in by 10.30
but I don't care. We run out of time. We look into each
others eyes and we know we don't need words to say what we
feel or what we mean. A deep gaze is usually enough for
us to reach a mutual understanding. He holds my hand and
walks me in to the checkpoint where we must say goodbye
again. "You take care and hang in there for me" he says.
I hold him so hard and ask him to never forget me and to
think about me as much as I will be thinking about him. I
must let go, it's 10.45 and my plane leaves soon.

"That letter, you know, the letter you put in my bag", he
said, I look at him painfully asking "yes"? "I will
ignore it! I will make believe you never put it in there.
I will forget I read it and I will not pay attention to
it. I know you were not feeling well when you wrote it,
but please, don't do what it says. Hang in there if not
for you, for me, pleeeease! I need you!". I show him a
forceful smile and tell him it will be allright, to ignore
the letter. I take my shoes off and put them in the
security belt, never taking my eyes away from his. "I love
you" he says, "I love you too! with all my heart!!" And
return to him just to touch his left eyebrow, his nose and
his lips with a downward movement like a blindman getting
familiarized with something. He kisses my fingers and I
walk away from him. I don't look back. I must run, my
plane announced gates closing. The second security line is
as long as ever and I am scared I will loose the plane.
But as it is, all the planes are delayed, so nothing to
worry about. A lady from the airline comes and calls out
my flight, I raise my hand and she asks my name. I see it
circled on her list and tell her I am that person. She
waves ok and leaves. I run to gate and finally make it to
the plane.

A seven hour trip in a 747 is not nice. I'd rather take
the airbuss. American is better than continental, that is
definite, but then again, American is a bit more
expensive. I decide to take my sleeping pill and run
through the 7 hours sleeping.