open me up
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2007-08-27 05:37:45 (UTC)

it's always something with you

it's always something with you
and it's so expected
"i'm always running away
leaving you hurt and neglected"

yeah i heard it once
hmm.. maybe more like twice
how bout every fucking second
of every minute of my life

poor you, you're sad
you can't catch a break
you're such a good guy
you've given all i can take

youve given your whole heart
and i don't got a free hand
so i left it outside
cause it's heavy and i can

and when i walked back out
and i looked on the ground
i saw this pueny little thing
kinda rollin around

so i picked it up
and i held it close
i took a good look
and thought eww, that's gross

threw it over my shoulder
and heard a loud crack
didn't think much of it
and never really looked back.

and ever since then
it's always something with you
and it's so expected
the shit that you pull

and then it boggles your mind
when i don't beg you to stay
and you can't figure out
why i like it this way

but if you'd just take the time
and really look at yourself
you'd see just how sick
you make everyone else

So go back where you came from
go back to your square
cause i'm so over listening
there's no less i could care

so go cry me a river
go outside and kick stones
get out of my life already
just leave me alone.

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