My Gay Misadventures
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2007-08-25 01:48:18 (UTC)

Olive Juice

So its been a good 3 months since iv been in the Orange
state. and still struggling as in day one. I think my
primary mistake was too put too much faith into Chip. I
like chip. more then i can express. Sure i have yet to say
the big "L" word. Chip, Olive Juice, olive juice, olive
juice. sure, I supposedi could have made a bigger effort.
and sure, anybody could tell themselves that at this
point. I guess I have mixed signals to blame. One min my
man tells me Not to work, and to be the domesticator, and
the next hes blameing me for the entire trip being a
disaster and me without enough work ethics....Me. whos
second name is Manuel (labor). After all the good times
and close calls we've gone thru, it may all just come
crashing down in the next few days, because his student
loan, the loan weve been waitin to make us or break us,
has once again been delayed. possibly another month or so.
Soooo a re-trip back to Texas may be just around the bin.
I really like it here. dont get me wrong. I have a killer
tan. the guys here are uber sexay. and hell, its
california for jebus sakes...Maybe the good graces of lady
luck will decide not to ass rape us thru our pants...but i
wont hold my breath

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