Nick's Journal
2007-08-21 01:14:26 (UTC)


if you're like i am, you probably have a routine when you
get out of the shower and dry off with you towel. whether
it's first the arms, then the legs, or the torso then the
back, we all seem to have a certain "rythm" to our drying.
well this morning i noticed something wrong with my routine,
as my toweling hand glided south and then north i noticed to
my utter chagrin that i was wiping my nuts before i toweled
my face. i was smelling my own nuts (albeit they were quite
fragrant at the time) right after the shower. well change
is a good thing, especially when it comes to toweling routines.
so i may have mentioned in a prior journal that i have a
black belt in karate. i used to do it a lot but lately i
have slacked on it quite a bit. at this point its where i
wouldn't trust myself in a street fight (not that i ever
really trusted myself even when my skills were "finely
tuned"). so i decided to get back into it, more
specifically, to get into jiu jitsu.
once we received our black belts we were allowed to
"specialty learn" with one of our senseis and i chose the
guy who had done jiu jitsu since i was quite interested in
it. you see, karate is a great method of self-defense, but
to be honest, it's not the best when it comes to just
regular street fights. the thing is, you gotta be sure you
nail someone in karate, if you don't, you hit the ground.
the guy who instructed me for a bit said that if you don't
know how to fight on the ground you're basically fucked
(well not in so many words). jiu jitsu is all about that
and it is an unbelievable fighting technique.
i went to the local jiu jitsu place and first off let me
tell you these guys looked like beasts. i remember in
karate class there were a few guys there who, if i had met
them on the street, i would have definitely thought i could
"take them". that taught me the great virtue of never
under-estimating anyone. but these dudes? jesus christ,
let me just say that knowing that they did jiu jitsu in no
way increased my unwillingness to fight them.
but as is often the case with the most intimidating people,
they were actually really friendly. they did a sort of
beginner's show for me and showed me a few techniques which
were just incredibly. one of the big philosophies of jiu
jitsu is using your opponents force against him.
needless to say...i'm psyched to start.
so then i went to get a suit. you know what the difference
between a suit and a blazer is? now i do. suit comes with
a matching pair of pants, oh and apparently you can't go to
law interviews without one.
anyways, i hate shopping for suits cos the guys in those
stores are really pompous and constantly try to upsell you.
so i'm there, i'm a poor college student and i make very
clear in the beginning my budget. so i finally get a suit
in the price range (after searching through the racks
myself) and god damn it looked good. i mean god damn.
and that's a cheap-ass one (normally they run at least
$500). shit, so i gotta blow $300 on a fucking suit, is that
crazy or what? argh!!!!
but i guess it will be worth it in the end.
i don't know what was more brutal today:
realizing i had been wiping my face with my nuts for the
past 5 years
watching some dude get put in a neck-lock with an elbow
flying to his face
or now going back to that suit place and throwing down $300
i'm voting for the last one.