Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2007-08-20 06:48:25 (UTC)

I said

"It's been a while. But it still hurts. Just thinking about
it. Usually thinking about crap I make it worse. Torture
myself with it to show myself how bad it could've been.
But this. There's nothing to make worse. I can only make
it better in my head. Which defeats the purpose. I don't
think I've forgiven anyone about it. I had no one of value
with me. It's so easy to pretend everything's ok. Smile
and laugh with my sister. Have nice abbreviated
conversations with Maria. Avoiding it all together. Just
goes to show you that everyone is a backstabber and
betrayer. Funny though. No one has uttered a word of it
since. No whispers by me. So it remains. Forever in the
background. Forever killing me. Until it revives and
administers the killing blow."

Everyone has the potential to be a backstabber and a
betrayer. A liar and a sneak. A fake.

Hurt upon hurt.

God, what kind of horror do you have in store for me if I
need all this to prepare?

New poem. Quizilla

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