Nick's Journal
2007-08-15 16:09:33 (UTC)

Morals, Rights & Pedophiles

so i really don't have very much to do right now. law
school doesn't start for almost another 2 weeks. so what do
i do when i have nothing to do? i watch the news.
apparently there's this guy jack mcclellan who had a website
about how he liked little girls and how he staked out
certain places where they hung out. anyway this dude was on
cnn the other day cos he got arrested for being within 30
feet or something of a day care. you should see this dude,
if there's one dude that i'd mark for molesting a little
girl it'd be the dude living on supplemental social security
in his car, who wears a black fedora with a cape.
no doubt.
so anyway along those lines and having seen "black snake
moan" last night i started to wonder about morals and
rights. back this spring i read this book written by a
feminist how ridiculous the whole new "feminist notion" of
using her sexual power gives women real power (i.e. dressing
like a slut and acting like one is not actually empowering).
i somewhat agreed with the basic point (up until the
hysterics which started on page 3). but then i read a book
by someone who actually has a brain stem, "how the mind
works" by steven pinkner and he posited the alternative,
which is essentially muslim society. where they make women
cover up and don't allow them any freedom to express
themselves. well which society would you rather live in?
and the thing that i'm starting to realize is that (and this
is also from cnn, damn it) there are a lot of religious
fanatics out there who feel its time to clean up society.
which of course brings me back to "black snake moan" which
is what that is all about (and actually shows the whole
ordeal of chaining a person to a radiator and "reforming"
her in about as positive a light i could possibly have
so anyways i started morally bankrupt is our
society now? i remember reading this book a long time ago
which poked fun at morals by saying that, "the older
generation is always fully convinced of the decadence and
downfall the younger will bring on it...this is really the
only trait passed down from generation to generation."
so based on that quote...are all the slutty girls, blogging
pedophiles, and (oh god forbid!) rap music inciting gang
violence just this generations version of promiscuous sex &
drug use?
it's kind of hard to step outside of your society since it
engulfs you so wholly. people always lament about how
conservatives try to repress everybody, but from all that i
can tell (and yes my sources go beyond cnn) we seem to be
doing alright for ourselves. i guess it's just hard when
morals are pitted against rights as starkly as someone
wanting to blog or someone wanting to dress like a slut.
the blogging pedophile pisses me off to no end, just as much
as the junky who yells at people on my bus. but when you
start thinking about how pissed you are at those people,
maybe you should put a steven pinker to your feminist and ask,
"well what would be the alternative?"
and that's what i decided back in another journal entry when
i was sure i was going to kill the junkie on the bus. the
rights of people are just too precious. plus decadence is
not endemic, it's just a matter of trend a lot of times.
i'd rather not force women to wear cloaks and shut down
people's rights to blog about whatever the hell.
i think people are largely too afraid about how powerless
they themselves become if others like pedophiles have the
power to express themselves. but the thing is you don't
lose any power whatsoever. that fucking freak is one slip
up away from the pen (and actually just got caught as
mentioned above), if anything we should be happy the fucking
moron is blogging and exposing himself, one of the worst
problems about pedophiles is that we don't know who they are
until it happens.
i'm starting to sound like chris hansen.