I Debbie...
2007-08-14 23:25:54 (UTC)

So The Son May Rise

I am so excited. On Friday the long awaited return of my
son will happen. Hashim will come into the daycare in a
glow of love to once again be a part of my life. I have
missed him and our special connection. Nate is a wonderful
little boy with a beautiful smile and spirit but Hashim is
the Alpha and the Omaga. His parents came into the room
today and even though one little boy had pooped all over
me and the other one was about to puke on me it was okay.
Because in one stroke of an artist's brush my world had
become colorized and alive.

I Debbie

And on the next day SH told me she was giving her two
weeks notice next Thursday. I am not sure how I feel as it
could always be worse but at least I can organize the
contents of the room ei the cabinets and supplies the way
I want to do it without her input. She is making sure she
gets a new swing before she goes. Not being one of the
chosen I could never have gotten as much as she has. Very
interesting days indeed!!!

I Debbie