enigmatic contemplation
2007-08-14 16:03:57 (UTC)

The Dream *adults only*

she walks in from a long day at the office. Throws her
keys on the table in the hall, kicks off her shoes, and
heads straight for the kitchen to make a drink. She pulls
the pin from her hair, allowing her long, dark brunette
hair to flow across her shoulders. She grabs the captain
morgan from the frezer, pops open a soda, and stirs the
concoction together. The first sip is always the best.
Almost as if with one swig she is erasing all of the
headache she's endured today. She walks over to the
balcony door, slides it open and walks out onto her
terrace. Enjoying the breeze and watching the waves crash
against the rocks down below- she pictures what a vacation
would be like. Nice white beaches, clear blue water...just
her and an umbrella drink. How nice that would be..
Just then, she feels the breathing on her neck but before
she can turn around the hand is over her mouth and wrapped
around her arms and waist. Then- a man's voice whisper's
in her ear "Don't worry doll, this will only hurt - the
way you like it to hurt". Recognizing the voice she
submits and doesnt fight. Her master drags her to the
bedroom- she winces in false discomfort. He grabs the
strap and confines her hands behind her back. He ties the
blindfold around her eyes, turns her around and sits her
at the edge of the bed. "open your mouth" he demands- and
she does as she's told. He lines her full lips with an ice
cube- "are you gonna be a good lil girl?". She nods
yes. "Good". All of a sudden he fills her mouth with his
large erection. Pumping her mouth slowly he forces his way
to the back of her throat. She gags slightly but takes it
in stride. Saliva dripping from her chin. His moans of
pleasure are starting to make her black lace panties
moist. He pulls away from her mouth and rips open her
white button down blouse to reveal her sheer black lace
bra. Her breasts are like mounds of heaven- skin so soft,
perfect round nipples peeking through the lace. "my my..."
He buries his face in her chest, tasting her scent. He
rips open her bra and gently shoves her onto the bed.
Slowly- he glides his hand up her skirt, feeling her thigh
high nylons come to an end right below her pussy. "Let's
leave these on." again- she obeyingly nods her head. He
pulls her skirt off, then her panties. Shes now laying
there, completely nude. He takes a moment to gaze upon her
curves. Her full breasts, slim waist, pierced belly
button, shaved pussy, and full thighs almost calling to
He undresses himself and crawls over her- filling her
mouth again. "Wet it up for me lil girl". She opens wide
and takes it in. In and out- he glides. Her lips tucked in
so she doesn't scratch. Her slight moans get him up in
what seems like seconds. He pulls out of her mouth- and
glides his rock hard vessel down her soft, warm body.
Stopping at her breasts to slap em' around with his dick a
bit. He goes all the way down til its resting at her
entry. He leans into her ear "do you want it?" she nods
yes. "Do you need it?" again she nods yes. He puts his
hand on her throat- "Tell me you need it". Slightly
gasping - she tells him almost moaning " I need
it". "Whats that?" he yells. " i need it- SIR!". "Good
girl" he says, as he strokes the side of her face. Almost
in one motion he pushes her legs apart and rams himself in
with one long hard thrust. She lets out a small yelp but
maintains her compusure. He pulls all the way out and
rolls her over to untie her hands. Places them above her
head and re-ties them. Holding them there he whispers in
her ear "i wanna hear you scream".......

to be continued.