Waka Waka Waka
2007-08-13 15:38:48 (UTC)

Me a player!!!????

I ended up working Sat night and I was busy when a couple
of guys came up to the bar and the younger one ask me if I
remembered his friend---I didn't even bother looking at the
guy and just said "no" and moved away. The guy came up to
me and said "hey, don't you remember me from last winter?"
I looked at him and my heart just dropped----it was
Troy!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! I had met him last
year during hunting time (he is not from here, he lives
about 3 hours away) and I had hoped to run into him again
all last winter. We started talking and he told me that he
had been coming up lately and been looking for me and the
girls who worked with me wouldn't give out my information
(they KNOW better than to give anyone my number) I was
shocked and I blerted out that I had been looking for him
to last year. He even remembered what I was wearing the
last time we saw each other!!! AMAZING! His friend wanted
to go because they had been fishing all day and Troy told
him to go sleep in the car because he wanted to talk to
me. He ask me to go out Sun morning for breakfast and then
to go jet skiing. I gave him my card and told him to call
me. Now while this is all going on I had been waiting on
another table of guys and a couple of the guys were
flirting with me and sometime in the night I guess Troy
mentioned to one of the guys that HE was taking me out
Sun. At the end of the night the other table got up to
leave and the one guy came up to me and Troy and said "I
hear that you have a date tomorrow to go jetting, if you
decide that you don't want to do that, give me a call and
you can go out with a real man and we will take the bike
out around the lake" WOW!!! Either I was really looking
good that night or I was in heat and giving out a
scent!!!! Next day came and Troy called me at 9:00 a.m.
and what did I doooooo?????

NOT A DAMN THING!!!! Just sat there staring at the phone
ringing!!! Why the hell do I do this to myself!!!!!! I
listened to his message and he said that he would call back
later (which he didn't) but why do I refuse to take the
next step???? I've done this to the last couple of guys
that I would actually like to get with. My girlfriend said
that I've turned into a player and that I want to be the
player and not the one to get played. She told me that
just because my XH broke my heart and was abusive that it
doesn't mean every guy will be like that. Maybe I am ruined
for life.

I did see a couple of red flags, and if you are a guy
reading my diary I want you to really think about what I am
saying so that you think before doing this to a girl and
make the same mistakes.

1.) I took a break and sat down with him for a beer and he
put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him----
Way stupid mistake!!!! Don't touch me EVER!!! unless I
give you direction to touch me by leaning into you or
touching you first.

2.) After I pulled away from him he put his hand on my
knee and said that my legs felt cold and proceded to run
his hand down my leg to see if my lower leg was cold. Once
again---don't ever TOUCH me! I stood up and went back to
work with only drinking about 3 sips of beer.

3.) He was starting to get tipsy and made a comment to me
that the last time he seen me he thought I was really
pretty but then I bent over and he said my (not my words--
his) "my hot looking ass just blew him away!!" and could I
bend over again so that he could see it again. I just
looked at him and said "are you serious???? I don't think
so" I think that sobered him up a little because he
stopped acting like an idiot around me.

Word of wisdom----I understand why people drink way to much
when they are nervous-hell---I've even done it. But if you
really want to empress a girl----lay off on the drinking---
it makes you do really stupid things.

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