I drink Alone
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2007-08-04 22:01:33 (UTC)

Life is still so crazy. I guess..

Life is still so crazy. I guess it's always like that.
Joe got a gig in IL, he leaves Wed and comes back Sunday.
We haven't been apart yet so it'll be interesting. It's for
the ICP thing, Gathering of the juggalos. I'm really happy
for him but it's such bad timing. With the wedding and
things have been kind of stressful; at work. being pregnant
I always seem to feel bad and tired. My hormones have been
fucking crazy, I feel bad for joe.
He's been working a lot of overtime, like today. He left
around ten and still hasn't come back, it's five now. when
he is home I feel a little depressed because since he
learned he's going to IL he's been acting..different. He's
always on the computer or on the phone. For the past week
I've been going to sleep alone, he's home but hardly. It's
like he doesn't notice me. Maybe things will be different
after he comes home.