kiss_of _death
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2007-07-30 05:26:22 (UTC)

Eve, Angel of Life:waking up

Nightmares of my past flashed throw my mind. I saw my
childhood ripped away from me to leve to what i am now. A
monster. I can stell rember it. The books that were read to
me about war and combat. I remeber it all.
At the age of only 7 i could read, wright, and speek 100
difrrent langwiges. I could bring down 10 fully grown men
and sloter them with my bare hands. I feelt nothing and
cared for nothing. That was my life. I didn't know anthing
eals. It was a sick way to grow up.
The one thing i rember so well and seams to stick out the
most is when me, Death, Light, and Darkness were playing
are vegen of hide and go seek. All 4 of us were it and
there was one person to catch. Normaly he was male fully
treand in sevivel and was given a week to hide from us.
Then we were sent out. We were like a pack of wolves. We
used are srowdings to find are pray. I stell reamber the
feeling of exsitment when i know the pray was cornerd. They
were always tired and parnoyed. We would srowed him
comunickting with sounds to tell eachother are postions.
Then we siply sloterd the man. I remaber Death injoying it
the most and Darkness always sheding a tear afterwords, but
not saying a word. It made me wonder why she didn't run
away with us and stayed behind. She hated the place more
then any of us, but yet when we were exscaping and told her
to com she just looked at us and didn't move.
I always loved her Green eyes. They were hipnotic. They
could com the most nerves of people.
The girl who shot me, thats how i know her. It was
Darkness. The Angel of Darkness. I must wake up! wake up. I
open my eyes and i know exsactly were i am. The cold metal
claspes holding me down are proff. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck you
all!" I can see the rest of them Light and Death stell
knocked out cold. "Fuckers wake the hell up!" I can feel
the panick rise up in me. No No No.. i can't be hear ageen.
I don't want to be hear. I"m going to make a Hurcane so
fucked, that no one will abeal to escap.
"STOP!" I hear a girl say. And then i saw the face to the
vocie The Angel of Darkness apred to me. Hear Red Hair
faling over hear sholders. She Grabed a Nife and Stabed it
in to my lag and i cryed out "stop, or I'll do somthing
worse" I don't know why i did stop the Hearcane, but i did
and then Death woke up.

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