Lunactic Scriptures
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2007-07-26 19:14:28 (UTC)

Relationshp Update

Jessica and I are no longer together. Ever since March the
20th I think. That was the last call from her I got and
she knows she had a way to get in touch with me.

Oh well. I hope she's happy. Like I said, a part of her
will always be carried inside with me. But, no more pain.
I cryed that out allready on the kitchen floor with Naomi
and punched Jasin to help release the anger, shame,
lonliness, and rejection I felt. This time I didn't cry.
This time I just let it happen. 3rd time was the charm,
but the charm just seemed to whither and die.

If we should happen to meet somewhere down the road, than
it will happen. But I'm not going to invest so much and
get so little back. It's not fair and I can't take it
anymore. I want you to find another soul mate.

I hope you are happy Jessica. I really do. Good luck with
your life and continue to shine.

~Brian from Washington State