soul survivor
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2007-07-21 08:52:48 (UTC)

I can't let him go

Dear Journal
These past 3 days has been like torture to me. Cam moved
out of my place and it's weird not having him in my house.
i feel so alone and i realized i do love him...but it's
hard letting him go though. I don't know what to do in a
way just cause i know in my heart were meant to be
together. Like obviously shane is not like the guy for me
just cause i know he's a player and everyone tells me and
i know he has a fetish for asians and everyone knows that.
I am i willing to give everything that i worked for cause
a guy wants me cause he has a fetish. NO not really! i
want something very true and real and i know that we have
something very real and true with one and another. He's
the man that i love and wanna spend my life with,


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