down in my eyes
2007-07-20 19:20:44 (UTC)

my loyalty remains.

Are my standards too high.. Is it too much to ask for? to
just expect people to treat others the way they would want
to be treated themselves? I first learned that moral &
saying when i was probably about 5 yrs old. I'm 24 years
old now, & yet there are people everywhere, some older than
me, that give absolutely No respect to those around them.
Nearly everyone i've been in close contact with, has
disappointed me in some way or another.. Nobody is
perfect, hence neither am I... Yet i always put other
people's feelings in perspective. especialy those that i
care about. & it seems i am one of the only ones who ever

My dad, for example, has vented out to me that his
girlfriend never seems to be happy with anything he does-
that she somehow always finds something to complain about.
I have not seen this side of her if this is true, so,
naturally i somewhat defended her. & in the meantime, the
more my dad spoke of this, the more upset iwas getting.
Time & time again my dad proves to me that he will Never
truly understand compassion.. nor what love is. He is more
selfish than anyone he could ever point a finger at. For,
in his mind, he is King. & everyone else~ is his servant.

I can't help but get extremely angry with people-
coworkers, family, even my friends who complain about when
other people hurt their feelings in a specific manner- when
infact, they are describing themselves exactly. The way
someone else hurt them, is Exactly the way they are too.
BUT, they don't know they are this way, & most will never
even figure it out.
Those stubborn, smartass, hyprocrites make me sick. Yeh
i'm bitter.

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