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2007-07-18 21:16:58 (UTC)

Playtime with friends

I arrive at their house on time. I’m nervous. This is
the first time we’ve done this. Two of my close friends,
after revealing to me their BDSM relationship and learning
of my submissive tendencies, invited me over for a night
of playing. Last night they had me email them my
checklist and safewords. They emailed me their first
instructions. I was to arrive promptly at 7pm, wearing
high heels, a skirt, a button up blouse, sexy panties, and
no bra. Now here I am, ringing the doorbell.

After a minute or two the door opens. My friends, who I
am now only allowed to refer to as Mistress A and Master
J, are standing at the door. I go to walk in but they are
blocking my path, so I stand there, waiting. Finally
Mistress A speaks, “Did you follow all of our instructions

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Good. Then lift the front of your skirt and show us your
sexy panties.”

I hesitate because I’m still outside and there are people
around. “Now slut! Or we will begin with a very harsh

I meekly lift the front of my skirt. “Higher slut.” I
lift the front to waist level while glancing around,
hoping no one is watching. “What a pathetic slut you are
if those are the sexiest panties you own. How incredibly
dull. Oh well, next time we just won’t have you wear any
panties at all. Come inside.”

I finally drop my skirt and walk into the breezeway.
Master J leads the way and I begin to follow. “What do
you think you are doing slut?” I look at Mistress A,
clueless. “On your hands and knees slut, you don’t stand
or walk upright unless we tell you to.” I sink to my
hands and knees, feeling awkward at being so degraded by
one of my closest friends. Still, this is what I agreed
to and I obediently crawl after Master J.

I crawl into the dining room and discover that I
interrupted my friends’ dinner. They sit down at the
table to finish eating and order me to crawl onto the
opposite end of the table and stand with my legs apart and
hands on my head. They then proceed to eat, ignoring me.
After a few minutes, Master J orders me to undo two of my
blouse buttons. I obey as his eyes stare intently at me.
After a moment, he resumes eating and chatting with
Mistress A about nothing in particular. Another few
minutes pass when he again orders me to undo two more
buttons. I obey and note that only one button remains
holding my blouse together. Fortunately, it has not
fallen open enough to reveal my braless breasts. I fidget
uncomfortably as again I am ignored. Another long period
passes before Master J’s attention returns to me. He
orders me to undo another two buttons.

I correct him. “There’s only one left.”

He glares at me. “Is that how you think you are supposed
to speak to me? If you want to avoid a very unpleasant
punishment right now I suggest you try again.”

I gulp and remind myself of our situation. “I apologize
Sir. Forgive me Master J, I’m afraid there is only one
button remaining on my blouse and I’m terribly sorry that
I will not be able to fully obey your command.”

“That’s a little better. Well, I guess your just going to
have to undo the last button, and remove the blouse

“Yes Master J.” I undo the final button and try not to
hesitate too long as I let the blouse slide off my
shoulders and onto the floor. I put my hands back on my
head and resist the urge to cover myself despite the
awkwardness and standing in front of my friends, now half
naked. Master J takes his time staring at my breasts and
I feel my face flush. He sits back in his chair and sips
his wine slowly, not taking his eyes off me.

“Your tits sag a lot more than I would have expected
slut.” Mistress A comments further, “I thought you’d be a
lot perkier. How disappointing.” I know I agreed to the
humiliation, even asked for it, but still her words
hurt. “I hope the rest of you isn’t equally out of
shape. Why don’t you drop your skirt and show us?”

I unzip my skirt and let it drop, then step out of
it. “Wow, look at the love handles on her. Turn around
for us slut and let us see if your thighs and ass are just
as fat and gross.” I feel myself wanting to cry but choke
it down and do as instructed. “I had no idea you were
such a fat pig, but you really are, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Say it slut.”

I quietly repeat, “I’m a fat pig.”

“Louder bitch or do you want that punishment after all?”

This time I speak louder, “I’m a fat pig.”

“Yes you are. Are you hungry pig? It was rude of us to
eat and not offer you any. Why don’t you get down on your
hand and knees, crawl over here and lick up the leftovers
on my plate like a good little piggy?”

I hate her calling me that. But I obey. I fall to my
knees and crawl to her plate. I look down and realize
that what’s left on her plate isn’t exactly my favorite
foods. “What’s the matter piggy, you don’t like my
generous gift of food? That’s fine, I’ll add some more
flavor to it.” With that Mistress A goes to the kitchen
and returns with a bottle of hot sauce, she pours it
liberally over the remaining scraps on her plate. “There,
that’s better. Now lick my plate clean or face the
consequences, pig!”

I reluctantly begin licking at her plate, eating her
leftovers. Immediately my mouth starts burning from the
hot sauce. Still, I do not stop until the plate is
clean. Then I beg for something to drink, “Please
Mistress A, may I have something to drink? My mouth is on

“You mean the fat pig-slut would like something to wash
down my delicious food?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Then say it.”

I’m in too much pain to be bothered by the
degradation. “Please Mistress A, may this fat pig-slut
have something to wash down your delicious food?”

“How much is it worth to you slut?” I don’t know what she
means and I just look at her questioningly. “I’ll be more
specific, how many strokes of the paddle on your fat ass
would you be willing to accept in exchange for something
to drink? And answer wisely slut; because if your number
is less than the number I’m thinking of, you’ll get the
smacks and not the drink. Then you’ll have to try again.
So, what’s it worth?”

I really wasn’t expecting this. I have no idea how much
paddling she expects me to endure. I try to pick a number
not too low, but not so high I won’t be able to take it.
After all, I have no idea how hard she plans on wielding
the paddle. “Six strokes Mistress A?”

“You want to pay six strokes of the paddle on your fat ass
in exchange for something to drink slut?”

“Yes Mistress A.” She doesn’t respond. “May this fat pig-
slut please have six strokes with the paddle on her fat
ass in exchange for receiving something to drink Mistress

She doesn’t answer, just picks up the paddle and walks the
end of the table. “Over here piggy.” I crawl to where
she is standing and turn around so my ass is facing
her. “You are to count each stroke and thank me for it.”

With that she smacks the paddle with unexpected force into
my ass. It hurts so much more than I thought it would.
Shit. “One, thank you Mistress A.” She swings
again. “Owww! Two, thank you Mistress A.” Our dance is
repeated four more times and I know my face shows my
pain. I’ve almost forgotten the fire in my mouth. Until
I hear her say, “Unfortunately piggy, six is below the
number I was thinking of for sufficient payment. Would
you like to try again?”

I drop my head in despair. Then I hear Master J speak
up. “Maybe I can help with your decision. Open wide
slut.” I look up and see Master J reaching towards me
with the bottle of hot sauce. Oh no, no way. I shut my
mouth firmly. He isn’t deterred. He grabs my hair and
yanks my head backwards. I open my mouth in pain and he
takes that opportunity to pour several drops of the hot
sauce directly into my mouth. The fire has been renewed
and I have no choice but to renegotiate for mercy.

I try again. “Please Mistress A may this fat pig-slut
have 10 strokes on its fat ass with the paddle in exchange
for something to drink?” Again she says nothing. After a
moment, however, I feel her pound my ass again with the
paddle. “One, thank you Mistress A.” I find myself
grunting with each stroke and it occurs to me that I might
be sounding fairly pig-like after all. By the tenth
stroke I am fighting back tears and praying I paid enough
for a drink. I wait with dread to find out. Finally I
hear Mistress A, “Congratulations slut, you bought
yourself a drink.”

Master J puts a bowl of milk down in front of me. Without
being told I immediately begin to lap it up lick a dog, or
pig, or whatever. I don’t care just so long as I can
relieve the burning in my mouth. I lap up every last drop
and even throw in a “Thank you Mistress A” for good

“Well, now that we’ve all had our dinner, perhaps it’s
time to start our real session.” Master J’s words haunt
me; I can’t believe we are just beginning. I am led off
the table and into the living room. Master J grabs my
nipples and pulls me up to my knees. He continues
twisting and pinching them for a while as I squirm in
protest but do not try to stop him. “You enjoy this pain
don’t you slut?”

“Yes Master J.”

“You want more?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Beg me for it.”

I have never known my friend to be so, so sinister
before. It chills me. “Please Master J, please give me
what I need and crave. Please give me more pain, more
humiliation. Please give me more.” As I speak he
increases his torment of nipples, stretching them
painfully up as I resist rising to my feet. He squeezes
them harder until he hears me grunting in pain. It goes
on for several minutes until he decides to release me. I
am out of breath.

Mistress A comes over and places my hands back on top of
my head. She then reaches down and pulls my not sexy
panties up so they are wedged between my ass checks and
pussy lips. She pulls up hard until she hears my telling
grunt of pain. Then she spanks my ass a couple times for
good measure. She takes a couple clothespins and attaches
them to my pussy lips – two on each. Then she takes duck-
tape and tapes the clothespins to my inner thigh, thus
spreading my pussy open. She orders me to walk around on
my knees a bit, to make sure my pussy is sufficiently
spread and that my lips are stretched with every move.

Master J then goes to work again on my nipples. He grabs
a riding crop and without warning smacks directly on my
left nipple with it. I instinctively pull my hands down
to caress my punished nipple. “Naughty naughty little
slut. We’ll have none of that. Guess we’ll have to tie
you up.” He walks behind me and quickly secures my hands
in cuffs behind me. He takes what I assume is rope and
ties my elbows behind me, forcing my tits to stick out
more. He then steps back in front of me and picks up the
riding crop. He rains lashes down on my tits, focusing on
my nipples the most. Shortly I am begging him to stop.

“Please Master J, no more. It hurts too much. Please
stop. Please!”

“What will you offer as payment for mercy slut?”

“Anything Master J.”

“Really? How about 5 minutes with clamps on those fat pig

I assumer he means more clothespins, and since I’m used to
using them I know it won’t be a big deal and quickly
agree. Master J reaches into a drawer and pulls out, not
clothespins, real metal clamps with alligator teeth. I
may have made a bad deal here.

He grins silently as he kneels down, holds the clamps over
my nipples, and slowly lets the teeth close on my
nipples. Instantly I am screaming and begging for him to
take them off. I’ve never had anything this painful on my
nipples before and my mind is reeling. “Oww!!! Take them
off! Take them off! Please. I can’t take it. Take them
off!!!” I don’t use my safeword but it crosses my mind
that I might have to.

Master J removes the clamps and there are tears in my
eyes. He gives me a moment to calm down before speaking
to me. “Listen closely slut. If at any time for the rest
of the night you fail to obey me or your Mistress, you
will be wearing these clamps for a full five minutes.
That will be your punishment and no amount of crying and
begging will get you off the hook. That being said, we
still have the matter of the broken deal to attend to. I
think another 15 strokes of the crop on each of your
nipples is fair, don’t you?”

What could I say? “Yes Master J.”

Before he starts with the crop again, he takes rope and
ties it tightly around the base of each of my tits,
pushing my nipples out even further. Mistress A spends a
couple minutes preparing my nipples by pinching and
twisting them. Then Master J approaches with the crop.
My nipples are so sore from the manhandling and brief
experience with the clamps, but I know there is nothing I
can do to avoid what is coming.

He lays into me with the crop, alternating left and right
nipple. Each lash has me crying out in pain, but I do not
dare ask him to stop. He is quick and accurate and
merciless. Luckily the 30 strokes are delivered fast and
soon completed. I don’t know what they have in store for
me next, but I desperately hope it involves any part of my
body other than my nipples.

Mistress A approaches me from behind, grabs the sides of
my panties and yanks them up. My panties cut into me
hard. “Would you like me to stop darling?”

“Yes please Mistress A.”

“Certainly.” She releases her grip. “In fact, just to
show you how merciful I can be, I’ll make sure you won’t
have to worry about this again.” And with that, she has
me stand and removes my panties entirely. “Wow, these
certainly feel wet, you must be enjoying yourself, little
painslut. Here, can you smell your disgusting odor on
your panties?” She holds them right under my
nose. “Well, can you slut?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“I guess these really should be clean if you want to be
able to wear them home later. Open wide slut, your going
to suck your panties clean.” I open my mouth and she
shoves my panties into my mouth until I am almost
gagging. “We’ll just leave them in there for a while I

She reaches down between my legs and starts stroking my
cunt. “Spread those legs wider bitch, I don’t care if the
clothespins hurt, I want you wide open.” I spread my legs
as the clothespins stretch my pussy lips apart. She
continues stroking me and massaging my clit. I am very
aroused and despite my pain and embarrassment, I find
myself wanting her to continue. “You like that don’t you
you slut-pig? You are so wet. I bet you are close to
having an orgasm. Aren’t you?” I can’t talk through my
panties so I nod vigorously. “Do you want me to continue
whore?” I nod again. “Do you want me to let you cum for
us?” I nod more vigorously. “Are you very close slut?”
More nodding. “Too bad, cause you aren’t here for your
pleasure, but for ours.” And with that she stops, leaving
me writhing on the verge.

“It does however seem unfair of us to leave you feeling so
empty. Perhaps there’s something we can do to fix that.”
Mistress A looks slyly at Master J, he nods and again
reaches into his goodie drawer. He pulls out a butt
plug. It is almost twice the size of any I’ve use
before. “Do you want this in you slut?”

“No Mistress A.”

“Oh, I think you do. I think you are going to beg for it
to be in you.”

With that, Master J walks towards me, carrying the now
familiar riding crop. I fear my nipples are about to be
targeted again. Turns out, I’m wrong. Without warning he
swings the crop upward hard, smacking my stretched and
vulnerable pussy. I instinctively close my legs and
scream into my panty-gag.

“Open those legs immediately bitch!” I’ve never heard him
speak like that before. It scares me and I obey. He
swings again and delivers another harsh blow to my pussy.
I manage to keep my legs open, but that doesn’t soften his
use of the lash. My pussy-whipping continues until I
can’t take it and again close my legs. “Get them open,
now!” I shake my head. “Get them open or you get the
nipples clamps again.” My panties muffle my cry of
despair. I reluctantly open my legs for more punishment.
After another ten strokes, Mistress A steps in.

“Now whore, do you want more pain on your pathetic smelly
cunt, or do you want the butt plug?” I try to say butt
plug but it comes out inaudible. She holds up the
plug, “Is this what you want slut?” I nod. “Are you
sure?” I nod again. “Very well, we aim to please.” She
steps behind me and starts rubbing the plug in and around
my sore pussy. I realize she is using my own wet juices
to lube the plug. After a few seconds she presses gently
on my back for me to bend over. I then feel her slowly
inserting the plug into my ass. It feels huge and I am
groaning in pain into my panties. She takes her time and
firmly works the entire plug into my ass. Only then am I
allowed to stand straight again.

Master J removes my panties from my mouth, “How does that

“It hurts.”

“You came here wanting to be hurt, didn’t you?”

“Yes Master J.”

“And that’s what we all agreed to, didn’t we?”

“Yes Master J.”

“So you are, in effect, getting exactly what you wanted.
Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Master J.” I realize that while my friends were
clearly enjoying themselves, they were also accommodating
me. This is exactly what I wanted. And whether they
allowed me to cum or not, I knew that the second I got
home I would be masturbating fast and hard. “Thank you
for granting me the pain I want. And thank you Mistress
A.” They both grinned.

Mistress A sighed and looked around. “You know, it is a
beautiful day outside, maybe we should all go out for a
walk.” Uh oh I think, this can’t be good.

My arms and wrists are untied. The clothespins are
removed. I am left completely naked and filled with the
plug. Mistress A hands me my blouse and I put it on. Not
surprisingly, I am only allowed to button two buttons,
leaving me very exposed but just covering my braless
tits. She comments that my skirt was way too long so she
fetches me one of hers. When I put it on I realize it
barely covers the bottom of my ass. I would never wear a
skirt this short but I know that now I don’t have a
choice. She also touches up my makeup, giving me
ridiculously dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick.
Finally she gives me a pair of 5” stiletto heels to wear,
although I doubt whether I’ll be able to walk very far
without breaking my ankle.

“One last thing before we head out. We’ve decided that
your cunt shouldn’t have to remain empty while your ass is
full, it seems unfair.” She holds up what looks like a
silver egg. I assume it’s a vibrating egg. “I’m going to
insert this deep into your undeserving cunt and it is
going to remain there for the duration of our outdoor
excursion. You better not let it fall out because if you
do, you’ll be wearing the nipple clamps for a full 20
minutes when we get back. Understand slut?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

She inserts the egg and I immediately clench my muscles to
hold it in place. “You should also know that this egg has
a special feature. You’re probably thinking it vibrates,
but you’re wrong. Let me show you.” She pulls out a
small remote control and pushes a button. I gasp as an
electric shock pulses through my cunt. “Now that was the
lowest setting slut, it goes a lot higher. This should be
a very delightful walk.” And with that, I am ushered out
the door.

As we exit into the fresh air I begin to realize my
predicament. Here I was, dressed like a complete slut,
the large butt plug making it difficult to walk normally
to begin with, and at the mercy of my sadistic friends. I
couldn’t begin to describe the range of emotions I was
feeling, although definitely included in the list were
humiliated, terrified, and excited.

Master J walks with his arm around me. I wonder if he
looks like my boyfriend or my pimp. As we walk, Mistress
A begins to toy with the remote control. At first her
periodic shocks are still at a relatively low setting. So
I manage to endure them without having it be too
noticeable. Eventually she increases the setting and
finally seems appeased when each shock makes me stumble a
bit or twitch in pain.

There are a number of people out enjoying the nice weather
and slowly they begin to notice me. Master J notices them
noticing me and orders me to look at them, smile, and blow
them kisses. When I hesitate, Mistress A administers a
painful shock that lasts a full five seconds. I swallow
what little pride I have left and start blowing kisses to
onlookers. Their reactions are mixed. Some of the women
look away in disgust, one can be heard referring to me as
a whore. Some of the men laugh, whistle, and start with
some cat-calls. I am mortified.

Mistress A prods me along the walk with her new toy. I
notice one the guys seems to be following us. Mistress A
notices it too. She orders me to wiggle my ass while I
walk and give him a show. This isn’t easy to do given the
butt plug inside me. When I don’t comply well enough, she
ups the voltage even more and sends a very painful shock
to my cunt. I nearly double-over in pain. “Oh god,
please Mistress A don’t do that again.”

“Then you better do as you’re told slut.” I try harder to
wiggle my ass as I hesitantly walk on. Soon the guy is
just a couple steps behind us and Master J tells me to
stop. He turns around and greets the eager onlooker.

“Hey, how you doing?”

“Fine. Fine.” He doesn’t take his eyes off me. I want
to pull my blouse tighter around me but I know I’d be
punished for doing so. So I just stand there, staring at
the ground.

Master J is enjoying himself. “You like our little lady
here, don’t you?” He guestures towards me.

“Yeah, she’s really something.”

“Indeed. She really likes the attention too. Don’t
you?” He looks at me, obviously expecting an answer, and
there’s only one I know I can give.

I meekly answer, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” I look at him. He can’t be serious. We’re
in public, this is a stranger, he can’t expect me to call
him Master J in front of this guy. I plead with my eyes,
but his are firm and expecting. It’s as if I can hear his
voice in my brain threatening me with the harsh nipples
clamps. I softly stutter, “Yes, M-M-Master J.”

The strangers’ eyes widen in disbelief. He looks from me
to Master J. “Oh yes.” Master J answers his unasked
question. “She’s our little slave and will do whatever
she’s told.” I want to crawl under a rock.

“Really? Like what?”

“Pretty much anything. Isn’t that right, slut?” The
name ‘slut’ hits me like a slap across the face. It’s so
different hearing it under these circumstances than in the
privacy of his house. I keep my eyes on the ground and
reply, “Yes Master J.”

“Cool. So like, can I see her tits?” The stranger looks
like a kid in a candy shop.

“Sure, why not. You want to show this man your tits,
don’t you slut?”

I want to cry. “Please don’t make me do this.”

Mistress A chimes in, “Wrong answer slut.” A painful
shock hits me hard and I can’t mask it. I half fall to
the ground crying out. Two more shocks hit me right in a
row. “Now try again.” I obey.

“Yes Master J, I want to show him my tits.”

“What was that?” the stranger asks.

“We give her pussy a little electric shock when she needs
some encouragement to behave,” Master J explains. The
stranger nods like this revelation makes perfect sense.
Everyone is silent for a moment. Then Master J turns to
me, “Well, what the hell are you waiting for slut? Do you
want another punishment? Show him your tits.”

I glance around and am thankful that there are no other
people in eyeshot of us. With shaking hands I unbutton
the two buttons on my blouse and pull it open, revealing
my braless tits. The strangers’ eyes drink in the
view. “Nice.”

“Hey slut, why don’t you jump up and down a little bit for
him and make your tits bounce?” It wasn’t so much a
question as an order. I obey and begin to bounce up and
down in my 5” heels, trying desperately not to let the egg
slip out. The stranger grins even wider at the show.
After a couple minutes Master J decides to give him
another treat. “Maybe you’d like to see her ass too?
Slut, turn around and bend over, show him your fat ass.”

I feel utterly defeated and have no choice but to obey and
prolong my humiliation. I turn around and bend over,
feeling the skirt rise well above my ass. Master has me
hold the position and explains the end of the butt plug
sticking out, saying I really liked it up the ass and
always had to have something up there or I felt naked. He
also explained the red marks from my previous encounter
with the paddle. I don’t see, but imagine, the stranger
nodding along.

“Do you think I could spank her a little bit?” he asks.
Oh god no, not that.

“I don’t see why not.” Master J orders me to spread my
legs two feet apart and grab my ankles. I then feel the
stranger’s bare hands on my ass, rubbing it for a moment
first and then spanking me. He starts out light, but with
Master J’s encouragement he starts to hit harder and
harder until my ass is red, almost matching my face.

Finally he stops and I am permitted to stand up again.
Master J has me thank the stranger and eventually sends
him on his way. I hope the walk is over but I am told
otherwise. Before we continue I am not allowed to re-
button my blouse, rather Mistress A ties the lose ends
together just under my tits, the silky material barely
hiding my erect nipples.

I am led to a somewhat secluded area with not much
around. They direct me to the remains of a chain-link
fence, with really only the metal crossbar remaining. The
bar is about 2 inches in diameter and a little over 3 feet
off the ground. Mistress A points to a wooden crate near
the fence, “Climb on up deary.” I look confused. “It’s
very simple slut, climb up and straddle the bar.” I
realize that my feet won’t be able to touch the ground,
even with the high heels on, which means my full body
weight will be resting on my cunt. An excrutiating shock
to my pussy returns me to the moment.

I carefully step onto the crate and swing my right leg
over the bar. As gingerly as possible I lower myself
down, holding onto the bar in front of me and with my left
foot still resting on the crate. Mistress A laughs and
quickly pulls the crate away, leaving my legs dangling.
The pain on my cunt is more than I imagined.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get the hands on your
head.” I try to move my hands but the pain is too much.
Mistress A turns the electricity on, and keeps it on while
berating me for my disobedience. “You will do as you are
told or you will learn the meaning of real pain. Now you
either put those hands on your head willingly, and hold
them there until we tell you otherwise, or I will tie your
hands behind you. If you force me to do that I promise
you will be stuck up there a lot longer than I originally
planned and,” she paused for dramatic effect, “you’ll be
wearing some extra jewelry.” As she spoke those last
words, Master J held up in front of my face the nipple
clamps from earlier.

I forced myself to let go of the bar and raise my hands to
my head. As I did so, Mistress A finally shut off the
electricity which had kept me rocking uncontrollably on
the bar. I grimaced in pain and squirmed futilely for a
few moments before realizing that there simply was no
position any more comfortable than another. Eventually I
sat motionless, still frowning in pain.

“That’s better pig. Your suffering is your own fault. If
you weren’t so damn fat you wouldn’t be hurting so much.
Don’t you agree?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Come now, tell us what you are.”

“I’m-m-m a f-f-fat pig-slut.” My words are little broken
due to the almost unbearable pain.

“And you deserve this, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

Master J walks over and strokes Mistress A’s hair. She
turns towards him and they begin to kiss passionately. I
am all but ignored as they embrace while I am left
suffering in silent pain. Finally Master J turns his
attention back to me. “So, you enjoying your ride on the
metal pony?”

“No Master J. It hurts; please may I get down?”

“Mmmm, not yet. I want your first ride to be really
memorable.” I can’t help but notice his referring to it
as my ‘first’ ride.

Mistress A steps closer to me and begins caressing my tits
through the blouse. Slowly her hands drift to the side
and next thing I know she is tickling my armpits. I am
fiercely ticklish and I immediately drop my hands to stop
her. Master J was prepared for this and just as
immediately zaps my pussy on one of the highest
settings. “Get those hands back on your head slut or
you’ll stay out here all night!”

I return my hands and Mistress A goes back to tickling my
armpits and ribs. “Stop! Stop! Please stop. I can’t
stand it. No! Please, don’t do this!” The tickling is
hell and it worsens my situation by making me squirm
violently on the bar. Mistress A ignores my pleas and
continues until my screams are loud enough to possibly
cause a concerned neighbor to call the police. As I try
to catch my breath, my tormentors exchange another kiss.

I am again near crying. “Please, please may I get down?
It hurts so badly.”

“Tell you what pig, we’ll let you down – if you agree to a
couple of conditions. First, you must agree to come back
next week for another session with us. Second, you may
not orgasm at all between now and then. Third, you will
call us every day before and after work and obey whatever
orders we give you. And fourth, when we get back home you
will thank us for being so merciful to your filthy cunt by
begging for us to spank your fat ass until it is as red as
a fire engine. Do you accept our conditions?”

I was in so much pain I would have agreed to almost
anything. “Yes! Yes Master J I agree. Just please let
me down!”

I was released from my torture and led back to their
house. Once inside I immediately fall to my knees and beg
my friends for my spanking. They have me strip completely
naked. They leave in my butt-plug but remove the egg from
my pussy. I am tied over the back of a chair with my legs
spread wide and pussy on full view. They start spanking
my ass. They take turns and alternate between just
spanking me with their hands and using the paddle, cane,
or crop. I am sometimes ordered to count the strokes or
thank them, or say degrading things. I am crying before
they decide my ass is red enough. When they stop I am
reminded of the conditions I agreed to earlier. Finally I
am released, the plug removed, I am allowed to dress and
leave. I have a very uncomfortable drive home as I am
forced to sit for nearly an hour.