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2007-07-18 11:56:13 (UTC)


I pretend everythings copacetic but then,
It all comes apart at the seems,
Just because I smile and laugh,
Doesan't mean im not dead on the inside,
I don't care, don't care what happens anymore,
I'm sick of caring, sick of trying,
Nobody gives a shit and nobody ever will,
Its the story of my life,
Nothing will ever change how I feel,

Things are so twisted and distorted,
I don't know what is real,
Everyone and everything i've ever known will leave,
Nobody gives a shit, nobody cares,
I saw this coming so many years ago,
It's amazing how I predicted the future......

It hurts to breathe without her,
Begins to pain me to be without her,
It destroys me being here,
I feel so alone in this place,
'Wish I was dead to escape the pain,
I'm so tired, i'm so tired, so tired of this life,

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