Ramblings of a Mom
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2007-07-18 11:16:24 (UTC)

OMG, has it been two weeks already?

Well, 2 weeks has passed, and I haven't been on here, as
usual. I guess I just sometimes forget. I also get to
the point of wondering of anyone actually reads these
things, or are they purely therapy for the individual soul.

I have found something truly amazing just this past week.
She is called the FLYlady, and the FLY stands for 'finally
loving yourself'. She has a web site If
you have the time, check it out!

For those of us who were not born nor trained to be
homemakers or housekeepers, this is the best thing out
there. She trains us to be able to keep our house without
losing our mind. Tells us each and every day exactly what
to do, not to lose faith, and how long to spend doing it
(so that you don't get overwhelmed). Admittedly, I
haven't given into this wholeheartedly yet, but I am
trying, and this provides me hope!

Gonna run for to get going on my day.

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