Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2007-07-15 02:54:36 (UTC)

Funny how i've changed

it's funny

my notes to myself

shallow shallow ok deep

funny how i guess i've matured somehow grown up a little

finally realized that it's not all about me all the tieme

no i just have to get to it's not about me at all

because i know it isn't

it's just getting myself to act like it


this year above all has taught me so many things

i found out more of who i am

who i shouldn't be

who i should quite being

my lies are still there

and i won't really heal until i face it all and get the

but i'm getting there

slowly and unsurely

funny what one year does

funny how another will do the same

funny what one person can do

funny what life can do

i don't like shallow

but if everyone was deep

would everyone get along?


cuz not everyone is nice deep down

at least not the deep down that we know as deep down

for they too are a web of lies

hiding the cowaring child underneath

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