I drink Alone
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2007-07-13 02:54:57 (UTC)


I started working for Joe's Mom last Monday. She's an
interior decorator. There is so much to learn it's crazy.
I like it tho, she's so nice.
We put the deposit down today for the community center. We
were going to have it out in walburg but it was way too
Mondat is my court date with Ryan. I hate those kinds of
deals, but whatever.
This Saturday is Trey and Monica's wedding, it's hawaiian
themed so what the fuckI'm going to wear I donno. Grass
skirt and coconut shells? Helllll yeah.
We have this strange swarm of crickets around here the last
few days, it's pretty fucking gross when you open the door
and several hop in. I wonder if it's mating season or
something. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Joe won't tell me
what it is his friends usually do but I'm telling you if
they get crazy I'm spending the night at Lindseys. Fuck
putting up with drunken idiots. I have a story for that but
I don't feel like typing it out right now...probably
tomorrow when I'm pissed about something.

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