Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2007-07-13 01:28:26 (UTC)

Persuading my brother to play flute.

No just kidding, I want him play drums,
So he can teach me and I could be in the Post kiss :D
Haha, just messing.

This entry actually about pish posh, I'm crazy in love;
Here are my plans:
As a teen, I will try to establish to be the youngest teen
author earning an award, like a Milberry award.
I will defy all laws against the human capacity of a teen.
Take that, biatch.
The thing that got me wanting to publish so quickly is
about a girl from Poulsbo who is only 13, and is publishing
a kid book.
I am just 2 years older than her, and I'm aiming for chapter.
Was there really a law where authors can't publish at 15?
With Christy, Michael, Kyle, and Jesus [Wooh!] By my side,
I am confident to say I CAN DO IT.

Then I got around thinking of my plans with Michael.
I love those long kisses that mean so much to me.
The ones that send a tingle through your body and you're
stuck with this cloud 9 feeling. It's simply AMAZING.

Michael, marry me?
The young teenage author.

I love him so much.

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