Loser In The Making
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2007-07-12 06:18:51 (UTC)


hello.. i know i know its been a long time since i've put
anything on here.. but anyways

in 10th grade i started dating this guy named justin.. we
dated for 1 year. 4 motnhs, and two days.. and i lost my
virginity to him.. and he hasnt spoken to me since he
dumped me through TEXT on friday the 29th of june.. and i
got a message from him on myspace today saying he was
willing to talk.. and ive had my emotions under control..
and i want to play this off like i dont care about him
when i do see him.. but im not so sure i will be able to
keep my emotions in then.. ill probably break.. but i
shall try my best, i dont know when im going to be seeing
him yet, he didnt reply to my reply.. so yeah.. im hoping
its not going to be before friday.. or on friday.. cause
me and denny are having movie night (im basically using
denny to make justin jealous.. and so far its working..
and dont worry denny is the one that came up with the
idea...) and i dont want justin ruining it.. cause if he
tries to.. im gonna tell him i have plans.. cause i do..
and also in three weeks im going camping with denny.. we
are gonna try and find more people to go.. but right now
its just him and me.. which i dont mind.. but i guess if
people find out they are going to be asking him "what were
you doing?" lol..

Well ill do and ACTUAL update.. like whats been going on..
later.. so yeah.. toodles..

Your Odd Boo

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