taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2007-07-10 07:07:58 (UTC)

Not just a place for documenting your fucked existence

my-diary.org needs a testimonials section.

"we bonded over our mutual social retardation. Thanks My-
Diary! :)"

And so there are the 'what ifs'..

What if you had not opened a my-diary.org account?
What if I hadn't?
What if I didn't come accross your 'intelligent' writtings?
What if I didn't feel compelled to comment that day?
What if there were no 'tee hee'?
What if you didn't respond/

But you did.. and then I did, and you did to that..

Pretend that never happened.. my writting would be so much
more.. kick ass.

AS it stands it sucks and I'm fuckiingasdtqen tired.

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