Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2007-07-07 21:49:05 (UTC)

The gorge ampitheatre; dad went there?

my dad used to be a party animal;
Went to shows: saw pink floyd and other great bands
of "the day"

All these stories seemed so unrealistic.
You know?
He had drag races with his ex-wife,
went to shows,
got drunk,
had numerous amounts of girlfriends,
Partied like a rockstar,
even dissapointed his own parents.

Now he's stuck at home.
Like this.
Catching up with sports,
TFC & his children's age [if even]

So I'm guessing it's my time to shine,
not get caught doing the things I'll do,
using all the starlight before it burns out.

I don't have a decade.
I have now, a little later and soon.
Fucking crazy.