Nick's Journal
2007-07-07 19:40:20 (UTC)

I have no more time to write!

seriously. time is definitely against me now-a-days. in
between the job, the work for law school, and keeping the
first year of marriage trucking along i have neglected my
time to (i) put down my thoughts on life in my journal (ii)
do any exercise.
well apart from morphing into a 300 lb married land-monster
who no longer writes in his online journal i have had the
beautiful opportunity of having my own project at the law
firm (i'm straight psyched).
anyways this is a real estate project that i am solely
responsible for and the "cheapest" unit goes for about $5M.
yeah. i looked at their plans and pictures and the YACHTS
of these people are BIGGER than the very homes they are
buying.......christ people can have too much money.
speaking of yachts, juli and i spent our 4th of july on a
yacht. one of her co-workers has a 52 foot boat that we got
to hang out on and laugh and point at the poor people
hanging out on the shore.
the coworker at first kind of freaked me out. he's the kind
of guy who breathes in when he talks so it makes him sound
like a seedy child-molester. plus he has the overall shape
and form (not to get into phrenology or something) of a
child molester.
somewhat effeminate, nazi glasses, and a mouse like face
with needle sharp teeth. hm, creeping myself out again.
but he was cool, although a bit bitter at black people
becaue apparently he applied to an "all-black" yacht club
(in quotations because they were told by 'park services'
that they had to change their charter from excluding whites).
so anyway this coworker tried to be a part and lo and
behold, black people can be racist assholes as well!
one thing which i thought was weird was that i got a "well
they've had it happen to them" defense. sort of like child molesters (you know they're in
court and are like, well i had this happen to me as a child,
blah blah). but you see, if that shit HAS HAPPENED to you,
wouldn't you only more so not want to propogate that behavior?
fuck heads.
anyhow, another of juli's coworkers came with her
sycophantic boyfriend. he's one of those far eastern
europeans who don't know how to handle themselves in
american social situations and always come off as
brown-nosing obsequious idealistic faggots.
this guy was saying shit like, "we as humans...arrogant?
no!" or "you must have been a linebacker in college!" to
juliann's child-molestingly built coworker.
i said i was from austria and that i spoke german and i
thought he was going to defecate all over himself,
hear that austria is just BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-U-TI-FUUUUUUUUUL!!!!"
and then another guy got on the yacht who was from nepal and
i seriously thought that sycophantic eastern european boy
was going to jump out of the raft and push it along the
channel in his exuberance.
"NEPPPPPPPPPAL!!!" and then i think he started masturbating.
apart from that we had an AT&T store near our law firm which
had those idiot losers sleeping out in front for the iphone.
of course the irony was that that shit didn't go on sale
until 6 (cos they wanted to target the fat-cat capitalist
swine that got off work at that time).
so all of these punk losers and bling-out gangsters were
standing there in broiling hot heat like a bunch of
lemmings. so anyway, david and i decided to smoke and watch
them when this guy came up to us and snapped a picture (with
one of those huge newspaper like cameras).
david whirled around (now david is huge and a bouncer and
has this habit of 'fucking with people') and yelled, "HEY,
what the fuck do you think you're doing?"
the photographer was incredibly startled and started
mumbling as perspiration percolated from his upper lip,
"oh i am, i am taking pictures."
"YEAH, i can SEE that, but you don't go around just taking
pictures of random people. what are you a pervert? give me
that film!!!"
at which point the dude turned an even paler shade of white
and started mumbling something which appeared to contain the
word "newspaper photographer".
at which point david grinned and informed him that he was
only busting his chops.
oh and i hate the registrar office at my law school and all
law professors, but that's an entirely different journal.