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2007-07-06 06:50:03 (UTC)

being single is lonely...

Yea. I'm very lonely. I want a fucking boyfriend. It's
been like almost two months since I've been single, I think
I gave it enough mourning time. I want an emotional
connection with someone not just a physical one. I want
someone to be close with. Someone. Just someone. But not
just anyone. I mean, "hooking up" with people is ok for a
while, but then it just gets tired. *sighs*.

I don't even care about the sex. I mean, sure that'd be a
bonus, but I just want...love, I guess. I miss love. And I
miss security.

I saw all these couples today at the Fireman's
Carnival...talk about depressing.

I'm on the look out.

P.S. my fat solution didn't really work. I think I should
just focus on eating healthier. More fresh food, less
processed. And continue bike riding and exercising. We'll see.