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2007-07-05 08:14:32 (UTC)

an entry about TEMPTATION

Just this afternoon, I was exchanging text messages with my
boyfriend and suddenly I had so much going on inside my
head. Hmmm I wonder why?

And it made me go to my computer and write some things
inside my head.

No one is immune to temptation. It has been said that you
can’t prevent the birds to fly over your head, but you can
prevent them to build a nest on your head.

Temptation is not SIN. Yielding to temptation IS. This
happens when we allow our sinful desire to dominate our

How to avoid TEMPTATION?

Well, Be expressive in saying NO to the first approach of
temptation. (Being expressive is not a human natural
reaction. Such trait must be developed in the context of
simplicity. We usually say something else when we mean the
opposite. This is so because of FEAR or SHAME. Because of
FEAR or SHAME, we give in to temptation because we are
afraid of what others will think and say about us.

Let’s use my FRIEND as an example. My FRIEND and her
boyfriend had this huge fight sometime ago, ok… the fight
was about Her boyfriend lied to her, (common thing men do)
anyway, the lie was about the ex-girlfriend thing, the
boyfriend and the ex went to this night club and yada yada
yada… so, after a couple of months that pass, the boyfriend
kept it a secret too perfectly, then one day the girlfriend
just got hold of the “secret”. So there were confrontation,
crying, heartache, betrayal and hatred. What was the
boyfriends mistake? The boyfriend’s reason was,
his “cousin” wanted to meet the “EX”. Considering the fact
that the boyfriend knew how his girlfriend was very
insecure of his EX. He knew what he did was WRONG, why
would he keep it a secret to her if it wasn’t, right? But
still he gave in to TEMPTATION. Why? Because of FEAR and
SHAME that he would not give in to his cousins request. I
think, maybe, he fears that his cousin and friends would
think of him as a coward guy. Or something like that. So on
and on there’s always a fight for both of them. It was
hell. The girl would cry and pour out her sentiments to me.
It was a sad time for her and their relationship. So the
lesson here is; the boyfriend had his chance to decline the
wants of his cousin. He had his chance to not go with them.
To not PICK UP the EX. But I guess, he too wanted it to
happen. So he yielded (accept, give in, agree, surrender)
to temptation. He committed a sin.

Be willing to take the initiative to flee from the presence
of temptation. Ok, again let’s use my FRIEND as an example.
Her boyfriend could say NO to the IDEA about the EX thing
of his cousin. But he didn’t. He could have run away with
it. But he didn’t. Maybe he was thinking that running away
from “temptation” is being coward. No. in fact, its an act
of Bravery – admitting the fact that to stay in the
presence of temptation is to ENDANGER one’s hold on
principle. But he stayed. It did ruined his girlfriends
trust on him which took a lot of time to get built. So
lesson: just go to the first EXIT from the situation that
will entangle your decision and jeopardize your commitment
to the truth.

Ever day we face a challenge that undermine our conviction
to do what is right. Temptation is within us 24 hours a
day. Listen to our conscience. This the small voice that
shouts aloud in us. It reminds us that telling a lie is
wrong. Just because others do it doesn’t mean that we have
to repeat it. We need to be firm in pointing out our

I asked the girlfriend why she is still sticking out with
him after the lies and betrayal he did to her. LOVE was her
answer. Hmmm… no one and I mean NO ONE… can argue with that!

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