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2007-07-04 22:53:46 (UTC)

Stress break: Spanish hotel offers 'stressed out' guests chance to smash up their rooms

Wed Jul 4, 2:34 PM
By Harold Heckle

MADRID, Spain (AP) - A few lucky people in need of a break
from their stress got a chance at some unconventional
therapy. A Spanish hotel chain planning renovations at one
of its Madrid locations offered 30 "highly stressed out
people" - selected by a team of psychologists - the chance
to take up sledge hammers and battering rams and smash
through its rooms Tuesday.

Rampage they did.

Wearing protective dust masks, goggles, white overalls,
helmets and gloves, the amateur demolition crew swung
hammers into television sets and bedroom walls and tossed
beds and desks like hard-partying rock stars.

The NH Alcala hotel, part of a chain of 335 hotels on
three continents, said it decided to forgo hiring
professional demolition companies and let selected
customers start its facelift as a way to generate some
headline-making publicity.

"Who hasn't dreamed, in the middle of a stress attack, of
breaking everything around them?" NH hotels said in a

Psychologist Laura Garcia Agustin explained, "After a few
blows comes exhaustion and with it the release of pain-
relieving endorphins which make us feel much better."

Those picked for the stress-relieving smash-up will be
invited back to admire the hotel's new interior in
September, the chain said.