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2007-07-04 22:52:11 (UTC)

Prized violin stolen from NYC subway is recovered, owner says

NEW YORK (AP) - A prized violin that was stolen while its
owner snoozed on a hot subway train has been recovered.

"I'm of course overjoyed!" Tom Chiu, a Juilliard School
graduate and founder of the avant-garde Flux Quartet,
wrote Wednesday in an e-mail message about his Scarampella
violin. The violin and his backpack were stolen June 27.

Chiu said it was raining that night and he went into a hot
and humid subway station after a performance and fell
asleep. When he awoke, he said, his bags were gone.

Chiu, who calls his violin his "heart and soul for the
last 13 years," said in a statement that the violin and
the backpack and its contents were turned in to the
Metropolitan Transit Authority's lost-and-found, and an
MTA official contacted him late Tuesday.

The contents included a violin bow that Chiu has used
since childhood.

At the time of the theft, Chiu said the violin and
bow "all have great sentimental value to me and are
completely irreplaceable. I hope the person who has my
violin will return it to me. I would be forever grateful."

Chiu did not say what the violin was worth. He said it had
originally belonged to his parents.

The violin was made by Stefano Scarampella, one of the
most highly regarded violin makers from the early 20th
century in Italy.


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