Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2007-07-03 18:12:20 (UTC)


still not where I should be. still not where I aught to.
still not where I'd like to be. still not done with it all.
still laboring away, hoping for something to come my way.
still under the illusion that it will come to me.

this is my life. such as it is. I've veered off course, so
to speak, my goal of having everything done with back in
april, is fucked, then middle of may, still fucked, then
middle of june, late june, end of june, first week of july,
second week, third week, last week of fucking july.


FUCK. you'd think I'd have had it together by now. I really
don't, and fucked if I know how to get back on the rails.

Well, thats not necessarily untrue. It's just bad karma.