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2007-07-03 04:50:08 (UTC)

A woman needs honesty, openness, and trust

When a woman cannot trust her man implicitly to give her
accurate information about what he’s doing about his time
(as well as everything else), she has no basis for a
relationship with him.
TRUST is foundational to a highly effective relationship.
Without honesty and trust there can be no openness between
the two persons involved, and every conversation will be
inhibited. If SHE discovers HE has lied to her, not given
her truthful information, or told her only part of the
story, this erodes HER trust in HIM. If SHE senses he is
not telling the truth, or not telling the entire story, she
puts up her guard.
SOME men are BORN dishonest. Telling “fibs” becomes a part
of everyday life. By the time they become adults, lying is
deeply entrenched. They fabricate stories about things that
never happened, distort the truth, and cannot distinguish
truth from fantasy. Such dishonesty radically disrupts a
Other men tell lies to avoid trouble. When he gets caught,
he acts repentant and will say and do anything to get her
to “forgive and forget”. When a person communicates openly
to another person (a boyfriend to a girlfriend or a husband
to a wife), he contributes to her emotional security. If he
is always been truthful with her about everything, even
when a crisis hits, he knows in advance she can handle it.
It will be painful for both to hear the truth, but the
truth will not drive her away. It enables her, however, to
adjust to the situation in order to stand by her partner’s
side and encourage him as he threads his way through a
difficult time.
Often a MAN confesses and immediately demands TRUST from
his partner. Trust cannot be turned on and off like a
light. When one has been guilty of a lie, trust can be
rebuilt – but not OVERNIGHT. It takes time. A relationship
can survive many setbacks and struggles. But the one thing
a relationship cannot survive is a lack of honesty.