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2007-07-03 03:06:10 (UTC)

Another strangely lazy day

I was tossing and turning all night. Saw the clock at 5:30
and decided to text ryan who was eating breakfast. Just as
our convo was ending I actually felt like sleeping. But
then it was time for me to get up. He went to class. I
went to XC. I didn't do great but i spent my mile repeats
motivating the slow people in the rear. And then we did
some ab work and i came home. Figuring ryan was on lunch
hour i texted him and got on the compie only to discover
that Ryan was on the compie. SO we talked for a while.
Then my dad made me do work to get off the compie. And
then he finally kicked me off. So i moved my convo with
ryan to the phone. And then he had to go to class. And I
kinda just hung out doing nothing at my house. Took a
shower finally a little later while ryan was at dinner.
I'm so weird. And then ryan left again. And i was weird
again. And i got my sister to do my nails. They are kinda
cute. French Manicure wth some purple flowers on the left
towards the end. And then i was lazy and didn't do much.
And then we went out for ice cream. There was a bunch of
texting throughout the day but I can't remember what
happened when. Comes with being awake at 5:30 and tossing
and turning all night.

I planted some flowers today.

Got a tarot card reading from my sister

Cleaned some.

Oh yeah i have laundry to do.

I'm leaving for Tillamook, Oregon July 4th in the Morning.
Who knows why or what I'm going to be doing. But that's
the way it works. I just get dragged places. I got mail
from the UW today. That makes 3 colleges. George, Reed and
UW. *sigh*

I'm tired

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