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2007-07-01 23:47:37 (UTC)

My Free Association

Ok. To start things off this is my free association
writing, first time. I'm thinking about alot of things and
now it is time to get them off my chest. For one I kind of
like being in Rhoda Island but another part of me hates it
because I can never please my grandparents. My grandma in
specific. I'm never fucking perfect enough for her! And I
just feel so ugh about that. It's like bitch your not so
damn perfect yourself. Nobody is perfect.

...that's all I got.

Well I seem to have some resentment about not being perfect.
There's somewhere to start for my next entry.

(Usually free associations are longer, but I think it is
easier on paper. I'll do it on paper and type the results
next time.)