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2007-07-01 23:29:40 (UTC)

Big Girls Don't Cry

Another one of those ironic entry titles. If you don't
already notice, my titles are named by whatever song I'm
listening to at the time. This entry happens to be
about...me not being able to control my emotions. I hate
it. When I get really angry or pissed off I start crying,
not on purpose. But then people think that I'm sad, or
something is wrong. When really it's just that they are
making me angry. And then by asking "Are you okay? Are you
okay?" it just makes me angrier, and then I cry more. Then
I end up a crying screaming mess. Ugh.

I'm pissed right now.

People piss me off.

I'm pissed at myself for being so goddamn emotional.

Okay. I kind of have an idea. I want to do a free
assosiation writing to see what happens. Free assosiation
writing is when you just start writing your thoughts not
really thinking and just let it flow. Kind of like rambling
through your thoughts. It's a therapy technique I learned
about in psychology.

I'll post is as another topic.