Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2007-06-29 07:56:39 (UTC)

the long day

today is my mother's 54'th birthday.

I have to be talkative, and pleasant. And I have to come
up with something to talk about. I really have nothing to
say, to her, or really very many people. I can count on
one hand the people I actually talk to on a regular basis
and come up empty with a finger or two.

It's not, that I don't care, it's that I simply don't
care about talking about work, getting a better job, or
a job, or being over weight, or my future or any of the
thousand things, my mother obsesses over. I simply don't
give a shit, the chips will, fall as they will.

It would be ideal if I could simply go the whole day
without having to talk to her, since all it ever is,
is about something of zero consequence, to me anyways,
the, "she cares" arguement I've heard before, but
honestly, that might be the case for some people, but
in mine, it's not. Trust me in that, if nothing else.

Other people have had a long day, and while I can offer
my heart felt wishes that the day gets better, I doubt
seriously, it would do more that perhaps sound like a
mere platitude. But I honestly do care, and I hope that
things do get better, I know they will. I have faith in
her, as I've always had, she's a strong woman, and will
survive this, as she's survived much else, some would
almost say, worse.

This weekend, is coming. and I dread it. one can only
hope, I score a jackpot, and succeed, if not, then it's
back to the drawing board. ah well.

such is life. and it is, what it is.