Ramblings of a Mom
2007-06-27 18:44:51 (UTC)

No, thank you!

I received an email this morning that was just yet another
thorn in an already sore side. It was a WHHOOO HAAAA,
look what we did kind of email. One of the major
stumbling blocks of this upcoming mission camp was
showering facilities. There has been all kind of issues,
from the school district superintendent saying no to the
use of showers to me contacting the right person on the
right day to get a yes for us to use the showers at the
local scout camp.
One day that is great news, then when they were looked at,
it wasn't ideal, but it would work, then three days later,
it's not good enough. When I am hammering the streets to
drum up something else, it turns out that somebody knows
somebody who knows somebody and all of a sudden we have
showers at the school district.
I put myself, my name, my reputation, so to speak, out
there to get somebody to bend the rules for us to receive
something and instead it just gets bird crapped on. Then
with the email, there's no hey, yeah, tell them thanks or
anything, just hey, guess what? Great news, we worked out
something else! So I email fine, I'll contact BSA and
The response: Thanks Carolyn
My response? Hmmm, what I'd like to say is, "No, thank
you! I am learning very quickly why so many people get
burned out in this field so quickly. It's God's work, and
if you don't truly have His Spirit within, people like
this can really turn you off and inside out."
Something to think about and chew on before I decide to
make a commitment to this field of work. I thought it was
because of the politics within the church or even
difficult parents, but it's really those who you work with
that can drag you down and out. Someone mentioned
yesterday talking to a pastor about it. Would love to,
but that is within the realm of what I am dealing with,
and there are two issues. One would be the trust that it
wouldn't get back to those who I am choosing to 'vent'
about, and the other that it would call a form of
dissension (sp) in the church and conference over how this
has been handled.
Something to just think about...There has been some very
serious flooding close to home, including the home base of
one of these 'staff' members. I wonder and worry and pray
that there is no hardship within their own community with
all of this precipitation. My 9 year old has been in
another one of his cognitive stages. He goes through
phases of very serious questions and thoughts, and they
continue to amaze me when they come about.
His statement was that God is crying too much and that we
need to pray and ask him what is wrong so that we can make
it better. How he is so very right! God blessed me with
such a spirited and thoughtful child, I can not even
believe it.