Ramblings of a Mom
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2007-06-27 11:40:03 (UTC)


I am learning to stick my chin out a little less each and
every day with this 'volunteer' experience. I spoke with
a friend yesterday (she's actually the director of my
son's preschool, but ya gotta have someone listen to
you!), and she told me not to be hurt or shocked if others
take credit for all that I have done to make this camp
successful. I told her that I was not concerned about
that part. I was more concerned about us fulfilling the
statement that we are acting as the "hands and feet of
Christ" and that honestly I didn't feel His Spirit with
these folks.
I enjoy doing missions, don't get me wrong. In fact, if I
could do that and still have contact with youth and/or
kids, I would probably be fulfilling my own life destiny.
I believe, in my own heart, that God placed me here, with
this camp, for a reason. And that is to make sure that
the people that we are serving are treated as human
beings. It took a lot for them to admit that they need
help. It took a lot more than faith for them to step up
and say, "Can I be helped too?"
I guess it comes back to this, I should learn that when
given a job in a scenario like this, to just do what is
asked of me, no more, no less. Don't step up to volunteer
anything additional, don't offer any ideas. They probably
don't want them anyway, since they were not their own.
I have decided that I will complete this commitment for
the sake of those that we are helping. BUT, I will NOT do
this again, or if I do, it will not be with the same
leadership as I have experienced here. If that means that
I have to work in a different conference, then so be it.
Burn me once, it's an accident, but burn me twice, and
it's my own fault. Next time I will just pigeon hole my
job, my duties, and do more and no less. It seems that
things become less painful that way.
Never mind that without all that I have done, according to
those who are watching this, that this camp would not have
happened, but who am I to take the credit? I am just some
idiot volunteer!