Nick's Journal
2007-06-27 01:14:34 (UTC)

Put the cup back

i've been tentatively trying to get back in the good with
our new receptionist. ever since i made the "eastern
european" comment (see previous entry) it hasn't been too
amiable between the two of us.
well i've been trying and it all came crashing down today
when i just wanted to go through the mundane task of
choosing a coffee mug to get my orning coffee.
well i found this cool new mug in there (which i hadn't seen
since i started there again) and even commented on it, "wow
this one is really cool"
at this timea's eyes bugged out of her head.
"oh dat is mine" in her heavy czech accent.
"you serious?"
"oh ja"
i made a move for the coffee machine which she, incredibly,
countered. she was eyeing the coffee cup in my hand as if
it were the single most precious and priceless piece of
porcelain she had nary laid eyes upon.
she licked her lips. eyes fixed intently on the terra cota
colored cup in my hands.
"ok...well i guess i'll just put it back"
and with this i moved back towards the shelf as cautiously
as a man who has a gun pointed at him, for a second i
thought about pretending i might drop it, but i thought
better of it. cos if i actually did, there would have been
a good chance that i wouldn't be writing this journal.
after it was safely back in the cupboard she made a mad dash
for it (i've decided she's not entirely balanced at this
point) and started washing it profusely all the while
laughingly talking to me like it was all no big deal and
just one great big misunderstanding.
but as crazy as the guy who was banging and hollering at the
border's employee at 8:55 this morning?
you see i have the great privilege of walking past the
borders as the power hungry employees stands just on the
outside of the foyer (you know where they have all of the
ann coulter and michael moore books for 40% off just begging
you to steal them) glimpsing at his watch and purposefully
not acknowledging the angry elderly men and women who expect
the damn thing to be open the second they roll out of bed.
well today the old guy must have forgotten his werther's
original or some shit, cos he started banging on the door,
then pulling on the handles, then rapping it with his cane,
at the same time he was bellowing at the top of his lungs,
"open up this door son!!!"
if i ever do that when i'm 72 please, just shoot me.
anyhow, aside from crazy old people and crazy receptionists
i've had the pleasure actually following the news. juli's
aunt is an avid news fanatic and i am inevitably subjected
to a barrage of what is (i'm assuming jokingly) referred to
as news.
did you know that paris hilton is doing (or has done i can't
remember) and interview after prison?
now the whole paris hilton thing kind ofmakes me sad. it's
sorta like martha stewart. it just seems like people hated
here (and martha) so much that they FUCKED UP the justice
system, perverted it worse than a beatiality film and molded
it to fit our own personal view of hatred for these two
i feel bad for paris because all those people that wanted to
tear her down and make her feel bad finally got a visceral
chance. and what the fuck has she done that's so fucking bad?
been an idiot?
been spoiled?
not known hardship?
so the fuck what?
how can that make you hate someone? i never understood why
people hate the spoiled and the rich and the well to do. so
the fuck what?
i remember watching this whole special on how rich people
don't give enough. come the fuck on. and how they have no
idea what it's like to live in shit.
so the fuck what.
i feel really bad for paris because all of these idiots who
have some sort of hatred and envy were finally able to see
someone "tumble".
anyhow, beyond that chris benoit killed himself, his wife,
and his child. didn't this happen 7 years ago? i swear to
god i thought this was seven years coming. ah well. the
dude was insane. i remember when he was just a bit player
back in the heyday of wrestling. back when he was the guy
that just got called in to get his ass kicked on "raw".
then they tried to pawn him off as some champion, but he was
just too weird and unlikeable.
it definitely is surreal to see him and paris on the front
page of hey, that's news.

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